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Nov 18, 2017 Jobs of the circulatory system,

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Jobs of the circulatory system

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Nov 18, 2017 Jobs of the circulatory system,

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Great design is serious, not solemn. My work is play. And I play when I design. Circulatory System. I even looked it up in the dictionary, to make sure that I actually do that, and event war? the definition of play, number one, was engaging in a childlike activity or endeavor, and jobs circulatory system number two was gambling. And I realize I do both when I'm designing. I'm both a kid and I'm gambling all the blackberry analysis time. And I think that if you're not, there's probably something inherently wrong with the structure or the situation you're in, if you're a designer.

But the serious part is of the system, what threw me, and I couldn't quite get a handle on marriage toasts it until I remembered an essay. System. And it's an essay I read 30 years ago. It was written by event the pequot Russell Baker, who used to write an Observer column in the New York Times. Jobs Of The Circulatory. He's a wonderful humorist. And I'm going to read you this essay, or an excerpt from blackberry, it because it really hit home for me. Here is jobs system, a letter of friendly advice. Be serious, it says. What it means, of course, is, be solemn. Which Event. Being solemn is easy.

Being serious is hard. Children almost always begin by being serious, which is circulatory, what makes them so entertaining when compared with adults as a class. Adults, on eye symbolism the whole, are solemn. In politics, the rare candidate who is serious, like Adlai Stevenson, is jobs of the, easily overwhelmed by one who is solemn, like Eisenhower. That's because it is hard for most people to recognize seriousness, which is rare, but more comfortable to blackberry picking analysis, endorse solemnity, which is commonplace. Jogging, which is commonplace, and widely accepted as good for you, is solemn.

Poker is serious. Washington, D.C. is solemn. Circulatory. New York is serious. Going to educational conferences to tell you anything about the future is solemn. Taking a long walk by yourself, during which you devise a foolproof scheme for variations robbing Tiffany's, is serious. Now, when I apply Russell Baker's definition of solemnity or seriousness to design, it doesn't necessarily make any particular point about quality. Jobs Of The System. Solemn design is variations, often important and very effective design. Solemn design is also socially correct, and is accepted by appropriate audiences. It's what right-thinking designers and all the jobs of the system clients are striving for. Serious design, serious play, is something else.

For one thing, it often happens spontaneously, intuitively, accidentally or incidentally. Changes Curriculum. It can be achieved out of jobs system innocence, or arrogance, or out of in an occurrence at owl selfishness, sometimes out of carelessness. Jobs Circulatory System. But mostly, it's achieved through all those kind of crazy parts of human behavior that don't really make any sense. Serious design is imperfect. It's filled with the kind of craft laws that come from something being the first of its kind. Serious design is also often quite unsuccessful from the solemn point of regional variations view. That's because the art of serious play is about invention, change, rebellion not perfection.

Perfection happens during solemn play. Jobs Circulatory System. Now, I always saw design careers like surreal staircases. If you look at the staircase, you'll see that in your 20s the risers are very high and the steps are very short, and you make huge discoveries. You sort of leap up very quickly in your youth. Event War?. That's because you don't know anything and jobs you have a lot to learn, and so that anything you do is a learning experience and which event started the pequot you're just jumping right up there. As you get older, the risers get shallower and the steps get wider, and you start moving along at a slower pace because you're making fewer discoveries. And as you get older and more decrepit, you sort of inch along on of the circulatory system this sort of which the pequot depressing, long staircase, leading you into oblivion. I find it's actually getting really hard to circulatory system, be serious. I'm hired to be solemn, but I find more and more that I'm solemn when I don't have to be. And in my 35 years of working experience, I think I was really serious four times.

And I'm going to show them to you now, because they came out of very specific conditions. It's great to be a kid. Now, when I was in my early 20s, I worked in the record business, designing record covers for CBS Records, and I had no idea what a great job I had. I thought everybody had a job like that. And what the way I looked at design and the way I looked at the world was, what was going on around me and eye symbolism the things that came at the time I walked into design were the enemy. I really, really, really hated the typeface Helvetica. I thought the typeface Helvetica was the cleanest, most boring, most fascistic, really repressive typeface, and I hated everything that was designed in Helvetica. And when I was in my college days, this was the jobs circulatory system sort of design that was fashionable and popular.

This is actually quite a lovely book jacket by Rudy de Harak, but I just hated it, because it was designed with Helvetica, and I made parodies about it. National Curriculum. I just thought it was, you know, completely boring. So so, my goal in life was to do stuff that wasn't made out of Helvetica. And to do stuff that wasn't made out of jobs of the circulatory Helvetica was actually kind of hard because you had to find it. And there weren't a lot of books about the eye symbolism history of design in the early 70s. There weren't there wasn't a plethora of design publishing. You actually had to jobs circulatory, go to marriage toasts, antique stores. You had to of the circulatory system, go to Europe.

You had to go places and find the stuff. And what I responded to was, you know, Art Nouveau, or deco, or Victorian typography, or things that were just completely not Helvetica. And I taught myself design this way, and this was sort of my early years, and I used these things in really goofy ways on record covers and in my design. I wasn't educated. I just sort of put these things together.

I mixed up Victorian designs with pop, and I mixed up Art Nouveau with something else. And I made these very lush, very elaborate record covers, not because I was being a post-modernist or a historicist because I didn't know what those things were. I just hated Helvetica. And that kind of passion drove me into very serious play, a kind of play I could never do now because I'm too well-educated. And there's something wonderful about eye symbolism that form of youth, where you can let yourself grow and play, and be really a brat, and then accomplish things. By the of the circulatory end of the '70s, actually, the stuff became known. I mean, these covers appeared all over the world, and they started winning awards, and people knew them. And I was suddenly a post-modernist, and I began a career as in my own business. Marriage Toasts. And first I was praised for it, then criticized for it, but the fact of the matter was, I had become solemn. I didn't do what I think was a piece of serious work again for about 14 years. I spent most of the of the system '80s being quite solemn, turning out these sorts of regional designs that I was expected to do because that's who I was, and I was living in this cycle of of the circulatory going from serious to solemn to hackneyed to occurrence at owl creek bridge, dead, and getting rediscovered all over again.

So, here was the second condition for which I think I accomplished some serious play. There's a Paul Newman movie that I love called The Verdict. I don't know how many of jobs of the system you have seen it, but it's a beaut. And in the movie, he plays a down-and-out lawyer who's become an ambulance chaser. And he's taken on blackberry picking he's given, actually a malpractice suit to handle that's sort of an easy deal, and in the midst of trying to connect the jobs of the circulatory system deal, he starts to empathize and identify with his client, and in an occurrence creek bridge he regains his morality and purpose, and he goes on to win the case. And in the depth of of the system despair, in the midst of the movie, when it looks like he can't pull this thing off, and he needs this case, he needs to win this case so badly.

There's a shot of Paul Newman alone, in occurrence at owl creek, his office, saying, This is the case. There are no other cases. This is the case. Jobs System. There are no other cases. And in to the national, that moment of desire and focus, he can win. And that is a wonderful position to be in to create some serious play.

And I had that moment in 1994 when I met a theater director named George Wolfe, who was going to have me design an identity for the New York Shakespeare Festival, then known, and then became the Public Theater. And I began getting immersed in this project in a way I never was before. This is what theater advertising looked like at that time. This is what was in the newspapers and in of the circulatory system, the New York Times. So, this is sort of a comment on variations the time. And the Public Theater actually had much better advertising than this. Jobs Of The. They had no logo and blackberry no identity, but they had these very iconic posters painted by Paul Davis. And George Wolf had taken over from another director and he wanted to change the circulatory theater, and he wanted to make it urban and loud and a place that was inclusive. So, drawing on my love of typography, I immersed myself into this project.

And what was different about analysis it was the totality of it, was that I really became the voice, the jobs system visual voice, of a place in in an occurrence bridge, a way I had never done before, where every aspect the system smallest ad, the ticket, whatever it was was designed by me. There was no format. There was no in-house department that these things were pushed to. Event Started The Pequot. I literally for three years made everything every scrap of paper, everything online, that this theater did. System. And it was the only job, even though I was doing other jobs. I lived and breathed it in eye symbolism, a way I haven't with a client since. It enabled me to really express myself and grow. And I think that you know when you're going to be given this position, and jobs circulatory it's rare, but when you get it and you have this opportunity, it's the moment of serious play. I did these things, and I still do them. I still work for the Public Theater. Event War?. I'm on circulatory their board, and I still am involved with it.

The high point of the Public Theater, I think, was in 1996, two years after I designed it, which was the Bring in eye symbolism, 'da Noise, Bring in 'da Funk campaign that was all over New York. But something happened to it, and what happened to it was, it became very popular. And that is a kiss of death for jobs of the system something serious because it makes it solemn. Which Event Started The Pequot. And what happened was that New York City, to of the circulatory system, a degree, ate my identity because people began to eye symbolism, copy it. Here's an ad in the New York Times somebody did for a play called Mind Games. Then Chicago came out, used similar graphics, and the Public Theater's identity was just totally eaten and of the taken away, which meant I had to change it.

So, I changed it so that every season was different, and blackberry picking I continued to of the, do these posters, but they never had the seriousness of the in an at owl first identity because they were too individual, and they didn't have that heft of jobs circulatory system everything being the at owl creek bridge same thing. Jobs Of The Circulatory System. Now and I think since the eye symbolism Public Theater, I must have done more than a dozen cultural identities for major institutions, and I don't think I ever I ever grasped that seriousness again I do them for very big, important institutions in New York City. The institutions are solemn, and so is the design. They're better crafted than the Public Theater was, and they spend more money on them, but I think that that moment comes and goes. Of The Circulatory System. The best way to picking, accomplish serious design which I think we all have the opportunity to jobs system, do is to be totally and completely unqualified for occurrence creek bridge the job. That doesn't happen very often, but it happened to of the circulatory system, me in the year 2000, when for some reason or another, a whole pile of different architects started to ask me to event the pequot war?, design the insides of theaters with them, where I would take environmental graphics and work them into of the circulatory buildings.

I'd never done this kind of work before. I didn't know how to read an architectural plan, I didn't know what they were talking about, and I really couldn't handle the fact that a job a single job could go on for four years because I was used to immediacy in graphic design, and that kind of eye symbolism attention to detail was really bad for somebody like me, with ADD. So, it was a rough it was a rough go, but I fell in of the circulatory system, love with this process of actually integrating graphics into architecture because I didn't know what I was doing. I said, Why can't the picking signage be on the floor? New Yorkers look at their feet. And then I found that actors and actresses actually take their cues from the floor, so it turned out that these sorts of sign systems began to make sense. They integrated with the building in jobs circulatory system, really peculiar ways. They ran around corners, they went up sides of buildings, and they melded into eye symbolism the architecture.

This is Symphony Space on 90th Street and Broadway, and the type is circulatory, interwoven into eye symbolism the stainless steel and backlit with fiber optics. And the system architect, Jim Polshek, essentially gave me a canvas to play typography out on. And it was serious play. This is the children's museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, made out of completely inexpensive materials. Extruded typography that's backlit with neon.

Things I never did before, built before. I just thought they'd be kind of fun to do. Donors' walls made out of Lucite. And then, inexpensive signage. I think my favorite of these was this little job in Newark, New Jersey. It's a performing arts school. This is the building that they had no money, and they had to curriculum, recast it, and they said, if we give you 100,000 dollars, what can you do with it? And I did a little Photoshop job on it, and I said, Well, I think we can paint it. And we did. And it was play. And there's the building.

Everything was painted typography over the whole damn thing, including the air conditioning ducts. I hired guys who paint flats fixed on the sides of garages to do the painting on the building, and circulatory they loved it. They got into it they took the job incredibly seriously. They used to climb up on the building and variations call me and tell me that they had to correct my typography that my spacing was wrong, and they moved it, and they did wonderful things with it. Of The. They were pretty serious, too. It was quite wonderful.

By the time I did Bloomberg's headquarters my work had begun to become accepted. People wanted it in big, expensive places. And that began to make it solemn. Marriage Toasts. Bloomberg was all about numbers, and we did big numbers through the space and the numbers were projected on jobs circulatory a spectacular LED that my partner, Lisa Strausfeld, programmed. But it became the end of the seriousness of the play, and it started to, once again, become solemn.

This is marriage toasts, a current project in jobs of the circulatory, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I got to be goofy. Which Event Started The Pequot War?. I was invited to design a logo for this neighborhood, called the North Side, and I thought it was silly for a neighborhood to have a logo. I think that's rather creepy, actually. Why would a neighborhood have a logo? A neighborhood has a thing it's got a landmark, it's got a place, it's got a restaurant. It doesn't have a logo. I mean, what would that be? So I had to actually give a presentation to a city council and jobs system neighborhood constituents, and I went to Pittsburgh and I said, You know, really what you have here are all these underpasses that separate the marriage toasts neighborhood from the center of town.

Why don't you celebrate them, and make the underpasses landmarks? So I began doing this crazy presentation of these installations potential installations on these underpass bridges, and stood up in front of the city council and was a little bit scared, I have to jobs of the circulatory system, admit. But I was so utterly unqualified for this project, and so utterly ridiculous, and ignored the brief so desperately that I think they just embraced it with wholeheartedness, just completely because it was so goofy to begin with. And this is the bridge they're actually painting up and preparing as we speak. It will change every six months, and it will become an art installation in the North Side of in an bridge Pittsburgh, and it will probably become a landmark in the area. John Hockenberry told you a bit about my travail with Citibank, that is now a 10-year relationship, and jobs system I still work with them. And I actually am amused by them and like them, and think that as a very, very, very, very, very big corporation they actually keep their graphics very nice.

I drew the logo for Citibank on eye symbolism a napkin in circulatory system, the first meeting. That was the play part of the job. And then I spent a year going to long, tedious, boring meetings, trying to sell this logo through to a huge corporation to the point of tears. I thought I was going to go crazy at the end of occurrence at owl creek bridge this year. We made idiotic presentations showing how the Citi logo made sense, and how it was really derived from an umbrella, and we made animations of these things, and we came back and forth and back and jobs circulatory system forth and back and forth. Regional. And it was worth it, because they bought this thing, and it played out on such a grand scale, and it's so internationally recognizable, but for system me it was actually a very, very depressing year. As a matter of fact, they actually never bought onto the logo until Fallon put it on its very good Live Richly campaign, and variations then everybody accepted it all over jobs system the world. So during this time I needed some kind of marriage toasts counterbalance for this crazy, crazy existence of going to these long, idiotic meetings. And I was up in my country house, and for some reason, I began painting these very big, very involved, laborious, complicated maps of the entire world, and listing every place on the planet, and putting them in, and misspelling them, and putting things in the wrong spot, and completely controlling the information, and going totally and completely nuts with it. They would take me about six months initially, but then I started getting faster at it.

Here's the jobs circulatory system United States. Blackberry Analysis. Every single city of the United States is on here. And it hung for about eight months at the Cooper-Hewitt, and circulatory system people walked up to it, and they would point to a part of the map and they'd say, Oh, I've been here. And, of blackberry picking course, they couldn't have been because it's in the wrong spot. (Laughter) But what I liked about it was, I was controlling my own idiotic information, and I was creating my own palette of jobs circulatory system information, and I was totally and completely at to the national, play. One of my favorites was this painting I did of Florida after the 2000 election that has the election results rolling around in the water. I keep that for evidence. Somebody was up at my house and circulatory saw the paintings and recommended them to a gallery, and I had a first show about changes to the two-and-a-half years ago, and I showed these paintings that I'm showing you now. And then a funny thing happened they sold. And they sold quickly, and became rather popular. We started making prints from them.

This is of the, Manhattan, one from the series. This is a print from the United States which we did in red, white and blue. We began doing these big silkscreen prints, and variations they started selling, too. So, the gallery wanted me to have another show in two years, which meant that I really had to paint these paintings much faster than I had ever done them. And I they started to become more political, and I picked areas that sort of were in the news or that I had some feeling about, and I began doing these things. And then this funny thing happened. Of The System. I found that I was no longer at to the national, play. I was actually in this solemn landscape of fulfilling an expectation for a show, which is not where I started with these things. So, while they became successful, I know how to make them, so I'm not a neophyte, and they're no longer serious they have become solemn.

And that's a terrifying factor when you start something and it turns that way because it means that all that's left for you is to go back and to find out what the next thing is that you can push, that you can invent, that you can be ignorant about, that you can be arrogant about, that you can fail with, and of the circulatory system that you can be a fool with. Because in the end, that's how you grow, and that's all that matters. So, I'm plugging along here (Laughter) and I'm just going to have to blow up the staircase. Thank you very much. Paula Scher looks back at a life in design (she's done album covers, books, the Citibank logo . ) and pinpoints the moment when she started really having fun.

Look for gorgeous designs and images from regional variations, her legendary career. With a career that fuses rock and of the roll, corporate identity creation, and impressionistic geography, Paula Scher is a master conjurer of the instantly familiar. With a career that fuses rock and roll, corporate identity creation, and impressionistic geography, Paula Scher is a master conjurer of the instantly familiar.

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Nov 18, 2017 Jobs of the circulatory system,

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An Applicant#8217;s Perspective on the College Essay. System! High School: Immaculate Heart High School. In this post, I will connect the transformative quality of writing with the searing fearlessness of college essays, or college essays as they should be. Marriage Toasts! My peers often misread the opportunity of college essays as a one-time chance to glorify their accomplishments and present themselves in the best light possible. This is only true to circulatory the extent that students shouldnt strive to portray themselves in an unfavorable light.

But its incorrect to assume that college essays reflect conventional perfection. Since we are not perfect, we shouldnt concern ourselves with trying to justify our imperfections by excusing them. Im not trying to impress upon the public that Im a fantastic writer or that I have an exclusive knowledge about eye symbolism college essays. My comments are drawn from my experience in circulatory system struggling to formulate my own essay #8212; in marriage toasts striving to jobs of the circulatory achieve that correct balance between confidence and humility, achievement and growth. For me, writing is marriage toasts, all about discovering myself. I could expound on the revelatory quality of writing for hours and hours, but I can only of the system, keep your attention span for so long, so Ill be as succinct as possible. The old adage write what you know still rings true for many writers out there, and especially for young students who will attempt to craft the perfect college essay. You cant write about blackberry Keynesian economics or the evolutionary history of the mole rat if you dont know anything about it, so theres no use in trying to impress your readers with your nonexistent expertise. You certainly dont get any redemption points in your favor for of the circulatory system, attempting to tackle an insurmountable topic, and the readers end up assuming that you are either pretentious or pompous. Event The Pequot! In the sensitive and nuanced hands of a well-versed writer, just about any topic can be rife with enticing possibilities and complexities. But since most people dont have the assiduity required to accomplish such a feat, its easier to stick with what you know to be fascinating and compelling.

I have a friend who wrote about the reasons why the Kenmore washer-dryer was his favorite piece of machinery. Another friend humorously poked fun at her first great directorial failure. I wrote about my Saturdays with my grandfather, teaching him how to of the circulatory system wink and losing spectacularly at Mahjong. You dont have to comb through your memory bank for event the pequot, the most outrageous and hilarious events that mark the great turning points of your life. Just write about what is jobs, important to you, and why it is marriage toasts, important.

Thats really what colleges look for anyway, past the accolades and circulatory system accomplishments. Admissions offices brush away names and grade-point averages to reveal the person beneath, and what that person can personally contribute to the campus as a whole. In this light, college essays become fearless and intrepid: they shine brilliantly and shamelessly, and, combined with the transformative quality of writing, stand to occurrence at owl bridge distract the admissions board from your otherwise less-than-perfect aspects. Writing is an exacting and tireless process for of the circulatory system, it forces the writer to truly consider the weight of his words, to assure himself that this is which the pequot, what he understands to be true. Writing is about belief and faith, and jobs circulatory surprisingly so, for so many people manipulate its rhetoric for malignant purposes. But, truly and deeply so, writing is an act of faith, a holy and sanctified transaction of occurrence creek bridge, thought and emotions. Jobs System! Its beautiful, its revelatory, and its darn difficult because its so beautiful and revelatory. This is eye symbolism, why college essays remain one of the more challenging obstacles of jobs, student life because the actual process demands faith and critical self-introspection, two things that have continually evaded the grasps of many students. Picking Analysis! But the great college essays grapple with this predicament and incorporate it, creating something that not only illuminates the darkness but reads a bit like poetry. #8220;The Envelope, Please#8221; is a series of posts by high school seniors chronicling their experiences during the end-game of this year#8217;s college admissions process. System! To comment on what Anne has written here, and perhaps offer advice of your own, please use the box below.

To see a #8220;Today#8221; show piece featuring Anne and picking two other contributors to jobs circulatory #8220;The Envelope, Please,#8221; click here. Comments are no longer being accepted. My hobby of discussing their college essays with friends and their children and grandchildren has unearthed insights to help young people present themselves in blackberry picking their essays: write about something that suggests you have the intellect to benefit from your education. Here#8217;s an jobs circulatory example: one young tennis star wanted to write about tennis but the started war?, question, Have you ever done anything interesting or important beyond tennis? led to of the system his comment that he#8217;d saved someone#8217;s life: a youngster at a neighbor#8217;s house collapsed after mixing alcohol with medicines. He was called because he worked as a volunteer ambulance attendant and people knew he could be relied upon. As he told the changes to the national, story he realized that it would be a far more interesting, and revealing, essay. And the young woman who didn#8217;t realize that her interest in architecture and collection of models of her favorite period, Georgian, would make a splendid essay topic. Or the of the, young man who saw himself and his interests in at owl Goedel, Escher, Bach and was accepted to of the system his first choice school.

In his freshman year he read the book and called to say, #8220;I don#8217;t know why they accepted me #8212; I completely misunderstood the book.#8221; I know why they accepted him: his brilliant, high school misunderstanding of and important book showed that he#8217;d flourish the the world of ideas that the university should be. Event The Pequot War?! Anne #8212; your rejections from numerous big brand name colleges/universities outside California does not reflect badly on you in any way. As has been discussed exhaustively in this forum, the problem is simply too many stellar applicants chasing too few slots at the big brand names. With your hard work, your superb writing skills and your excellent attitude, you will have a wonderful experience at circulatory system, UCLA, UCSD or whatever elite California university is lucky enough to marriage toasts land you. Best of jobs circulatory system, luck. My sister and her husband wrote their son#8217;s essays for him and he got into a good school. Though he had learning disabilities, the real lesson to the son was that he wasn#8217;t capable of getting in on his own. These are helicopter parents to the nth degree and do their children no favors.

The young man made good grades and started war? honor roll but I can#8217;t help but believe that his mother wrote his college papers too. What a lesson! I am sure others will post the same comment: this is an excellent essay and could itself be used as a college essay! #8220;Admissions offices brush away names and jobs of the grade-point averages to marriage toasts reveal the person beneath, and system what that person can personally contribute to the campus as a whole.#8221; It is pretentious for admissions officers to think that their subjective impressions of essays reveal more about students than grades and standardized test scores that are the picking analysis, results of years of work. That pretention keeps them employed #8212; otherwise their jobs could be done by a spreadsheet. I#8217;d like to see a #8220;double blind#8221; experiment where half of a class was selected by an algorithm using data such as grades and standardized tests (including AP exams when available) and the other half was chosen in jobs of the the current way. Four years later, have people judge the success of the two groups, without knowing how they were selected. I#8217;d bet on the objectively chosen group. I#8217;m grateful that I had only a fair LSAT score.

Thus I didn#8217;t waste my time or money applying to schools that would have surely rejected me, despite the rest of my stellar application. It hurts to be rejected and occurrence if students had a more realistic view of the whole process they might avoid this. It is important to bear in mind no one cares about your college in ten years, it#8217;s how you make your education work for you that is important. I#8217;m sure Ms. Jobs Of The Circulatory! Paik will do very well at her California schools, though I must admit, I#8217;m not sure what her point was, even if it was well written.

This remark is to BrendaT.. You may not get it. A helping hand is not always a bad thing. This yound man #8220;made good grades and honor roll#8221; and event started war? obvously needed help, which he received from jobs of the circulatory, his parents who loved him and wanted him to blackberry be able to suceed. Get off it, being so rigid. Let#8217;s see how this young man progresses. Jobs! I#8217;ll bet he does do well. Feeling loved and supported is a fine thing.

It sounds as you, perhaps, have a feeling that no one ever helped you. Occurrence At Owl! BrendaT: So your nephew already broke the jobs circulatory, honor code by signing the application and promising that he completed the application#8230;that is really sad! Hope he enjoys his 4 years. The way you have described what writing is and what is analysis, says about the writer is simply amazing, and I feel the same too. Whatever school you get admitted to, I am sure you will hone your writing skills and be successful.

Well-written? Really? It reads to jobs system me like a joke. Which Event The Pequot! #8220;Assiduity#8221;? Please. Good writing should communicate, not seek to impress. China sele3cts its university students exactly the jobs, way you describe. The result is a class of variations, rote learners without creativity or broader knowledge . The students practice the. tests endlessly. Jobs Circulatory System! If the test is the value of Pi to 500 decimal places, they will learn it.

But at the end of the day such #8220;qualifications#8221; mean nothing. Higher Educait6on is about creativity and analysis. Such qualities are not well tested by standardized tests. I realize that the admissions process is inexact, but the rigid approach you suggest simply does not work. I think that instead of requiring essays as to why a prospective student wants to bridge go to a particular college (who cares?), essay questions modelled on jobs of the circulatory system, those of All Souls College of Oxford, as described in eye symbolism a recent New York Times article, are more in of the circulatory order. What are student#8217;s thoughts on eye symbolism, various topics? What have you already written? I once wrote a college entrance essay to see what I would say.

The subject was: Pretend you died yesterday. What do you wish you had done in your life that you didn#8217;t!! Sam Keen asked this in one of of the circulatory system, his books. Marriage Toasts! For me, I wound up wishing I had had more silverware that matched, especially spoons, and more dining room chairs to go with my huge table! I wish I had worn more colors, (All the people who think they look good in beige do not) planted more pink dogwoods( that tree looks good in every season) I wished I had had a concert grand piano in the living room and jobs of the had invited Ruth Laredo to come eat dinner and in an occurrence at owl creek bridge play the piano if she wanted to. I had so much fun with that piece. Never went to college but went to the public library once a week. Almost as good, maybe even better. You#8217;ve edited this article quite lightly. Anne#8217;s voice, which often is flowery, is jobs of the circulatory system, not necessarily yours. Picking Analysis! Be yourself #8212; and strive for clarity.

For example, she writes: #8220;In the sensitive and nuanced hands of a well-versed writer, just about jobs of the any topic can be rife with enticing possibilities and complexities. But since most people dont have the assiduity required to eye symbolism accomplish such a feat, its easier to stick with what you know to be fascinating and compelling.#8221; You could write: #8220;In the hands of a good writer, just about any topic has possibilities. It is better, however, to circulatory stick with what you know.#8221; #8220;You dont have to comb through your memory bank for the most outrageous and hilarious events that mark the great turning points of picking analysis, your life. Just write about what is important to you, and why it is important. System! Thats really what colleges look for anyway, past the blackberry, accolades and accomplishments.#8221; #8220;Write about what is important to you and jobs system why. That#8217;s what colleges want to know.#8221; #8220;Admissions offices brush away names and in an at owl creek grade-point averages to reveal the person beneath, and what that person can personally contribute to the campus as a whole.

In this light, college essays become fearless and intrepid: they shine brilliantly and jobs of the system shamelessly, and, combined with the transformative quality of writing, stand to distract the admissions board from your otherwise less-than-perfect aspects.#8221; #8220;Specifically, admissions offices want to marriage toasts see who you are and what you have to jobs circulatory offer. So, let the real you shine through.#8221; #8220;Writing is an eye symbolism exacting and tireless process for jobs of the system, it forces the writer to truly consider the weight of his words, to assure himself that this is what he understands to to the national be true. Writing is about belief and jobs of the circulatory system faith, and blackberry analysis surprisingly so, for so many people manipulate its rhetoric for malignant purposes.#8221; You could write: #8220;Writing forces you to say what you mean. It is crucial #8212; and difficult #8212; to circulatory find the right words.#8221; I could go on. Some of Anne#8217;s wording, for which war?, example, lacks precision. Jobs System! Her main point is that people often write better about their passions in life. Writing about your passions has the added benefit of letting some of revealing who you are.

The writer applied to 15 colleges? I guess it#8217;s the game now, and everyone does it, but it might appear that this person doesn#8217;t know what she wants, aside from trophy acceptance letters. That must have cost her parents a lot of money in searches and application fees. I know that most applicants don#8217;t have all the information to make a decision when filling out applications a year before matriculation. But 15? Is it that much of a gamble? Does she really know what she wants? I could say more, but out of respect for the young writer, I#8217;ll hold off. I applied to 5, and that was too many.

I should have just applied to one, which was the one I went to and knew I was going to go to all along. Young people: when writing essays on marriage toasts, any topic, whether for school, work or personal leisure, here are a few suggestions that an old person above the age of 35 can impart to you. Here they are. Rule: eliminate all unnecessary adjectives and adverbs, e.g., #8220;In this post, I will connect the transformative quality of writing with the jobs, searing fearlessness of college essays, or college essays as they should be.#8221; Otherwise, you end up sounding like a nonsensical restaurant review or movie review from the New York Times. If there are two to three adjectives or adverbs in every sentence, you will end up showing your buffoonery.

Rule: be concise, but don#8217;t declare to analysis be concise, especially through a sentence that is not concise, e.g., #8220;For me, writing is all about discovering myself. I could expound on the revelatory quality of writing for hours and hours, but I can only jobs of the circulatory, keep your attention span for so long, so Ill be as succinct as possible.#8221; Rule: if you make a statement, demonstrate your statement with a positive, but don#8217;t qualify it with a double negative or illustrate it with a negative, e.g, #8220;My peers often misread the opportunity of at owl, college essays as a one-time chance to glorify their accomplishments and present themselves in the best light possible. This is only true to the extent that students shouldnt strive to portray themselves in an unfavorable light.#8221; What. Jobs System! Don#8217;t make the reader re-read your writing. I, too, need an editor. The last sentence to comment 9 should read: Writing about your passions had the picking, added benefit of revealing part of jobs of the circulatory, who you are. How about essays on regional variations, real world topics rather than #8220;more about me#8221; drivel.

If you think writing a college essay is one of the major challenges of being a student, well, all I can say is, please save this essay and of the circulatory go back and reread it in 15 or 20 years. Which The Pequot! With any luck, you will both cringe and have a good laugh. It will help you imagine yourself as you used to be (sometimes very hard to do) and allow you to see how far you have traveled personally. And if you can give me an example of conventional perfection (a likely oxymoron, no?), I would be very grateful. Jobs Circulatory System! #8220;You cant write about Keynesian economics or the evolutionary history of the mole rat if you dont know anything about it.#8221; At least not until you are well into your doctoral program.

I have no personal experience of this and hopefully never will but reliable informants tell me that by the time they finished their PhDs, they could extemporaneously write twenty pages on anything at all. So many critics! One needs a thick skin to dare to write a blog. Which Started! It does prove one thing though: writing the college essay is jobs of the circulatory system, tricky business. In An Occurrence Creek! You simply don#8217;t know how it will be perceived by others. Clearly a reason not to system take chances. Good luck, Anne, as you continue your academic journey.

I always thought the marriage toasts, college essay was the easiest and most enjoyable part of the application. It offered me an of the opportunity to be creative and to demonstrate my ability to eye symbolism think critically. No offense to you, Anne, but this blog entry doesn#8217;t present us with a compelling argument one way or another (it#8217;s also cliche and overwrought). Still, it doesn#8217;t matter because you write for the NY times! You have a bright future ahead of you, stop over-thinking things. I#8217;m wondering how the crop of #8220;Choicers#8221; from the 2009 #8220;The Envelope Please#8221; series have fared during their freshman year of college. Jacques Steinberg had mentioned in a column that he needed to catch up with them. Hopefully we will see an update. Circulatory System! I enjoyed reading this blog last year.

In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I went out and blackberry picking bought your book. This year, not so good. Throwaway posts, uninteresting summaries of articles appearing elsewhere in circulatory system the paper, and now, posting this essay without helping Ms. Paik out. I wonder, is your heart still in it? This wasn#8217;t your best post, but thanks for the honest and compelling glimpses into the admissions process you gave us this year. Enjoy UCLA #8212; you deserve it! Stop being mean. She is clearly a talented and passionate writer in search of national curriculum, her own voice #8212; as we all were at jobs circulatory system, 18.

It peeks out here and which started war? there, and all she needs is a good teacher who will value true self-expression as much as an of the circulatory system SAT word. That#8217;s why I am seriously bummed she#8217;s not going to a smaller school where she can be inspired by more personal relationships with professors and peers.

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Case Study Purchasing Management. As a Privileged Fly I have been allowed to be on the wall of a corporate boardroom to observe the proceedings during the high-powered discussions. The case study is about a manufacturing and engineering firm that has been doing very well in terms sales but has a serious challenge of escalating freight costs. The case study reveals that the root cause of the problem is insufficient inventories and lack of planning and fragmented purchasing process. The case study will provide a detailed analysis of the basic inventory problems confronting the firm.

The case study will also highlight management of forecasting, purchasing, inventories and Production with a view of indicating that the firms management in these areas is inefficient. Furthermore, the of the system, case study will look at inventory management, inventory control and whether the Purchasing Manager should build up her inventory. Need essay sample on Case Study Purchasing Management ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $12.90/page. It will reflect the need to hold inventory as well as dangers and consequences for poor inventory control. The case study will reflect on materials management as a concept that is applied nowadays in order to streamline process and ensure system efficiency, its advantages and whether the firm must adopted the materials management approach. Finally, the case study will provide other recommendations that can be used to resolve this problem. In An Occurrence! 1. WHAT ARE THE BASIC INVENTORY PROBLEMS CONFRONTING THIS FIRM? In every organization the purchasing department forms an integral part of the success of the jobs system, department in meeting the sales, production and distribution demand and has a critical role to play in order to ensure that the organization meets and possibly exceed the expectations of the analysis, customers. It is jobs of the therefore imperative for communication to flow between the Purchasing Manager and other Managers around the orders received and the status of the production department with regards to materials/parts required for a particular order. The basic inventory problems confronting this firm have been identified as ollows: The lack of to the national, communication between the Production Manager and other Managers creates a problem in terms of jobs, establishing whether materials/parts are available as well as to enable the Purchasing Manager to plan properly and well in advance to meet the eye symbolism, requirements of the Production Manager in terms of jobs, materials/parts or spares. Started War?! The Purchasing Manager seems to be listening to the words of the Managing Director around cost-saving on limited inventory and unilaterally reduces stock on inventory without proper consultation with other Line Managers.

The Purchasing Manager does not seem to understand the role/responsibility of the purchasing department within the firm. According to Hugo, Badenhorst-Weiss van Rooyen, (2002) purchasing and supply management is circulatory responsible for the continuous supply of blackberry, all kinds of jobs system, materials needed by event started war?, production in the right quantity, at the right time and at a competitive price. It is therefore clear that the purchasing department is the main player in ensuring customer satisfaction while enhancing the jobs of the, image and reputation of the firm. It is clear that the eye symbolism, Purchasing Manager is only focusing on cost-cutting measures by reducing inventory and at the same time ignoring the fact that such process must implemented with great care and jobs system consideration. As much as the firm wants to in an occurrence creek cut down on inventory it is important that the exercise is not implemented to the detriment of the firm.

In this regard the Distribution Manager has mentioned that the Purchasing Manager never has anything in jobs circulatory, stock and this is compounded by the small orders that she places. Obviously the Purchasing Manager should have taken note that the freight costs are going up and changes to the national curriculum impact that her cutting down on inventory has had to the firm. Insufficient stock on inventory reflects lack of proper inventory management and also taking into of the circulatory, account the manner in which orders/parts/stock are ordered. There is no indication whether a policy exist where consultation will be entered into national, between the Purchasing Manager and other Line Managers in order to ensure that orders are consolidated which would result in a saving on freight costs. As the firm is manufacturing company it is therefore necessary to reflect on jobs of the circulatory reasons for holding inventory. Sufficient inventory ensures that production is continuous and at blackberry analysis, an economic level, contributing to a lower manufacturing cost per product through efficient use of equipment and labour (Hugo, et al. Jobs! ; 2002). At Owl Creek Bridge! It therefore means that sufficient inventory and production of orders timeously will result in the organization getting more orders/customers because the reputation of the firm will grow. The firm runs a risk of losing a lot of of the system, money if inventory management is not exercised and applied properly. This can result in large inventories being carried and regional kept in stock thus increasing inventory costs which cause the Managing Director to raise a concern regarding the need to carry inventory, considering the costs. However, with proper consultation and communication between the Purchasing Manager and other Line Managers a decision can be taken with regards to materials that must be carried on jobs of the circulatory system inventory as well as the acceptable quantities to be carried on inventory.

The aim of inventory is to hold inventories at the lowest possible cost, given the which event started the pequot war?, objective to ensure uninterrupted supplies for ongoing operations (Hugo, et al. ; 2002). It is clear that consideration must be taken into account when a decision is taken on inventory, i. e. the jobs of the, materials that must be kept on inventory as well as drawing a comparison between the costs involved to to the curriculum hold inventory and circulatory the loss resulting from non-availability of materials. For inventory management to be efficient and effective it is important and occurrence necessary for the Purchasing Manager to have an understanding of all elements and costs that are involved in inventory-holding. According to Hugo, et al. (2002) the elements of inventory-holding are inventory-holding costs, ordering costs, costs of shortages and circulatory set-up costs. From this statement it is clear that the Purchasing Manager is not familiar with these elements as there is regional variations nowhere during the meeting that she displayed her understanding of inventory management and jobs of the circulatory control. It appears that the Purchasing Manager has never conducted an analysis and/or compared the event started the pequot war?, savings of operating on low inventories against system, the freight costs as there is no argument during the which event started the pequot war?, meeting justifying that. System! It is also clear that the Purchasing Manager has never bothered to reflect on the cause of high freight costs and maybe consider that the following might be the eye symbolism, cause of the escalating costs: low/insufficient inventories, split orders in small quantities and short lead times. The good example is reflected by the argument of the circulatory system, Managing Director to eye symbolism the effect that the freight bill is R955 whereas the jobs circulatory, cost of the part itself is less than R955. In An Creek! It therefore goes without saying that the firm could have saved more money in freight costs has extra care been taken when orders were placed in that consolidated orders result in saving in freight costs.

It is also clear that there is lack of communication between the Purchasing Manager and other Managers with regards to forecasting. Forecasting of the expected inventory consumption is an important aid for effectively anticipating the influences of uncertainties about the future inventory requirements (Hugo, et al. ; 2002). Forecasting of inventory consumption should begin from the jobs of the circulatory system, time the order has been concluded by the Marketing Manager, with the latter providing relevant information regarding lead times for the order, to the Production Manager giving an indication materials and which event the pequot turn around time required for production, to the Purchasing and Distribution Managers. In this regard this does not seem to happen as the Purchasing Manager is pointing a finger at the Production Manager, and the lack of system, communication might be a deliberate act by the Production Manager who wants to capitalize on the situation and seize control of both Purchasing and Distribution in the process. Which Started The Pequot! It is therefore clear that the power games that are being played by the Production Manager are affecting the firm as some of the shipment deadlines are not met and customers have began to complain which also poses a serious reputational risk. . WHAT ARE THE FACTORS THAT HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF THIS SITUATION? DOES THIS COMPANY REFLECT EFFICIENT OR INEFFICIENT ON MANAGEMENT OF FORECASTING, PURCHASING, INVENTORIES, AND PRODUCTION? There are various factors that have contributed to the growing of freight firms both in numbers and rand value of freight transported.

INBOUND FREIGHT The increase in inbound freights is caused by insufficient materials on inventories which have forced the jobs of the circulatory system, Purchasing Manager to place orders whenever materials are required by production component. The other contributing factor is the lack of planning and proper buying approach in that the Purchasing Manager has no ordering process in to the curriculum, place as orders are placed in smaller quantities which is circulatory compounded by lack of early communication between the Purchasing Manager and the Production Manager regarding required production materials. This failure to communicate creates a problem for the entire Management team as shipment deadlines are not met if materials are not in marriage toasts, received in time, a situation that forces the use of freight firms frequently thus resulting in the increase in inbound freights. In short the more the use of freight the increase in jobs of the circulatory system, freight costs. OUTBOUND FREIGHT In this regard the increase in outbound costs can be attributed to changes national curriculum an effort by the distribution component to meet shipment deadlines.

The shortage of materials in jobs of the system, inventory and late deliveries of materials due to late ordering result to the production component having to work long hours in order to complete orders as well as having to use the eye symbolism, fastest possible freight available in circulatory, order to meet deliveries or to make up for regional, the already passed deadlines. It also means that the firm is faced with a situation where there is no systematic approach to the handling of orders which can result in of the, orders being delivered within the stipulated deadlines. The more the late deliveries/shipment that need to be made as and when they are ready, the more the use of freight and the increase in freight costs. The efficient or inefficient management of Forecasting, Purchasing, Inventories and Production can be described as follows: FORECASTING The firm does not reflect effective and efficient management when it comes to marriage toasts forecasting. Sound and of the circulatory system efficient forecasting involves sharing of information between Managers in order meet the customer demand, which does not seem to be happening in this regard. The firm is faced with a situation where there is massive communication breakdown between Line Managers which has resulted by in costs escalating, customers complaining and a possibility of losing orders. An effective communication structure enables the firm to operate in an organized manner as communication flow from end to marriage toasts end and the shortcomings and/problems are detected and resolved at any early stage with minimum disruptions to of the circulatory production. Participative meetings of the eye symbolism, management team assist the firm in ensuring that all activities are discussed properly where each Manager provides an indication of their requirements in order to enable the Purchasing Manager to have sufficient time to identify all required materials/parts that need to be ordered and to of the system agree with the Production Manager on production materials that must be kept on to the national curriculum inventory before orders are placed. Jobs System! PURCHASING. From my analysis I have concluded that the Purchasing Manager is not in total control of the purchasing process as there is no indication that any interaction exist with regards to the requirements of the marketing/production teams. It is also clear that there are no policies/procedure manuals clearly defining the purchasing process that must be followed.

According to van Weele (2005) a lack of a well defined purchasing policy and a lack of structure in the purchasing (decision-making) process and the resulting lack of control on purchasing costs may lead to picking analysis an unforeseen financial loss. Purchasing policies are fundamental and they contribute to business in various ways in that they can significantly improve sales margins through realizing substantial cost savings. It therefore clear that the purchasing department plays a vital role in the success of the organization provided there are clear and well purchasing policies/manuals in place. In this particular case there has to be an jobs circulatory system, improvement in the manner in which the management team communicate and purchasing policy must be developed in order to assist the Purchasing Manager to maintain and manage a buying process that is both efficient and ffective. INVENTORIES The management of creek, inventories in this firm is very poor and very much inefficient. Circulatory System! The shortage of materials is caused by the fact that the firm has cut down on in an inventory which has resulted in materials/parts not available when required thus leading to downtime which is costing the firm dearly as production department must work overtime and fastest modes of freight (which are mostly expensive) must be utilized in system, order to changes to the curriculum meet production and shipment deadlines. The Purchasing Manager does not understand and is not worried by the cost implication the reduced inventories and of the small orders has on the freight budget.

It appears that the instructions of the Managing Director regarding operating on low or no-inventory are implemented without careful consideration of the implications and/consequences. The Purchasing Manager must develop an Inventory Management policy that will reflect sound control measures with regards to acceptable quantities that must be carried on stock as well as the turn around times required for the supply of requested materials. PRODUCTION Production management within the firm seems to be inefficient. However, failure to communicate production materials requirement reflects a lack of effective communication between the Production Manager, Marketing Manager and marriage toasts Purchasing Manager which is also compounded by the Production Managers personal view to having purchasing and jobs circulatory distribution components, a view which seems to have contributed to problem the firm is changes to the national curriculum faced with. For effective management of production there is a need to hold inventory of critical materials at minimal level in order to ensure uninterrupted supply of production, and jobs of the circulatory system production forecasting must be communicated to the Purchasing Manager in order to ensure that sufficient materials are on which event the pequot hand for the duration of the operation. The Production Manager must establish a working relationship with other Managers and of the system communicate in good faith with the interests of the firm at heart. . WHAT SHOULD JOAN GLASS DO? The important aspect is for Joan Glass to acknowledge the importance of inventory management and inventory control. In order for inventory management to be a success it is important to conduct and analysis in order to determine materials that must be classified as inventory items.

This process involves planning and variations there are planning aids available to assist the Purchasing Manager during this process. According to Hugo et al. (2002) the jobs of the system, aims and uses of the planning aids may be expressed as follows: To arrange, classify and interrelate the full range of stock items (the inventory) To carry out an estimate of the real demand for different stock items To obtain an estimate of the expected inventory requirements of the enterprise To make an occurrence, objective calculation of the jobs of the system, quantities required, while considering inventory costs and inventory consumption. From the above it is clear that the required information for estimates must be obtained from other Managers and it is therefore necessary to develop a policy that is going to specifically address the issue of providing information to the Joan Glass. Blackberry Picking Analysis! The policy must also address the issue of production forecasting by the Production Manager based on the orders issued in circulatory system, order to ensure the uninterrupted supply of marriage toasts, materials. The re has to be an improvement in interaction between Managers and the policy must define the jobs circulatory system, roles and responsibilities of each component and encourage co-operation. . Regional! SHOULD JOAN GLASS SUGGEST A MATERIALS MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION? Materials management can be defined as a concept that is of the circulatory system aimed at ensuring that systems are efficient. Which Event Started! It acknowledges the fact that supply activities are dependant on each other and that the problem with one activity has an influence on other activities linked to it. System! Materials management consolidates all activities under the control of a single Manager and aligns the processes (purchasing, inventory management, distribution and national transport). An organization, which has adopted materials management organizational concept, will have a single Manager responsible for planning, organizing, motivating and controlling of all activities principally concerned with the flow of of the circulatory system, materials into an organization (Leenders Fearon, 1997). From the above it is clear that the firm in this case will have one Manager, as opposed to four Managers the firm currently has, responsible for all activities with the exception of blackberry picking analysis, production if the concept is adopted. It is also clear that the adoption of materials management approach will require the firm to undergo a restructuring process and organizational review, a process that will include review of business/supply processes.

As much as materials management has its advantages it is of the system important for the firm to conduct an analysis and research in order to determine whether such approach will reduce costs and increase profit margins as opposed to the total costs for organizational restructuring. I do not think that Joan Glass should suggest a materials management organization. The firm has a challenge to marriage toasts ensure that there is flow of communication and information sharing between Managers in order to cut down on freight costs. The approach in handling production and materials supply needs to be re-aligned and improved. 5. SHOULD GLASS BUILD UP HER INVENTORY? The decision to hold inventory should not be taken lightly as that might have a huge financial implication if the approach is system fragmented. Inventory management cannot succeed if necessary controls are not in place as the costs for holding inventory might rise, shortage of space for blackberry picking analysis, inventory, obsolete inventory due to bulk buying. In this case there is a need to hold inventory considering the fact that the company is faced with a challenge in terms of ensuring uninterrupted supply of material to production and also meet shipment deadlines; which is contrary to the current situation. Joan Glass should not just build up her inventory without any basis, such decision must be supported by the result of an analysis conducted as well as the forecast of the Production Manager. The ABC analysis, also known as the Pareto analysis, will assist Joan Glass to determine the of the, items that must be kept on stock.

According to Hugo et al. (2002) the ABC analysis is primarily aimed at providing management with information on the importance of the different inventory items in terms of money value. The ABC analysis can only be attempted after a thorough investigation has been carried out on aspects such as price, demand for different inventory items, delivery times and the particular problems related to the purchasing of different inventory items (Burt and Dobler, 1996). The carrying of inventory at a minimal level coupled with sound forecasting will reduce freight costs and also keep inventory costs as low as possible, which means that there has to be a balance between inventory carrying costs and ordering costs. 6. WHAT OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS COULD YOU MAKE TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE? The case study shows that there is eye symbolism a communication breakdown between the management team and communication forms an integral part of the success of the organization. The communication model stipulates that communication goes both ways and there has to be feed back. Jobs Of The Circulatory System! There has to be frequent communication between marketing, purchasing and variations distribution departments in order to ensure that the required materials for orders do not fall short before the jobs of the circulatory system, final production of an order. This will also assist the Purchasing Manager to plan properly and place consolidated orders which will minimize the freight costs.

There is also no indication that there is a purchasing/distribution policy in place in picking, order to ensure that relevant processes are clearly spelt out. There is a need to be up to date with what is happening in the industry in order to ensure that the organization keeps up with the changes that takes place all the time and to make a meaningful contribution of the company. In this regard Joan Glass has to of the be aware of what is going on within the firm, there has to be structured communication between Managers in order to ensure that production and supply is not hindered because of in an occurrence creek, materials shortage. Implementing decisions or suggestions made by management without consideration can have reaching consequences as it is the case here with the cutting down on inventory because of the suggestion by the Managing Director. Whenever changes have to be implemented an analysis and research needs to of the circulatory system be conducted and justified by statistics/facts including costs that the organization will save. However, in this case no analysis was made except that Joan Glass decided to cut down on inventory without considering the impact the non-availability of inventory will have to production, distribution and marketing. Inventory management goes hand in hand with sound inventory control. The organization can also look at having contracts for certain materials in marriage toasts, order to ensure that materials are delivered timeously. Circulatory System! The organization must also look at formulating the purchasing policy in order to eliminate the fragment ordering approach that result in in an creek, small orders being placed thus building up freight costs. The entire management team has to acknowledge the fact that planning is crucial in every successful organization and that organizational interest is more than individual interest as that can impact negatively on the success and growth of the organization. The case study has also highlighted the need to explore other options aimed at addressing the problem the organization is faced in order to provide the management team with valuable information coupled with well researched facts so that an of the, informed decision can be taken.

CONCLUSION The case study has reflected on the problems and the importance of inventory management and sound inventory control. It also highlights the importance of to the national, good and efficient management of Forecasting, Purchasing, Inventories and Production. The case study has highlighted the importance of planning and communication between the management team and the consequences of poor planning. Circulatory! REFERENCES Van Weele, A. J. 2005. Regional! Purchasing Supply Chain Management: Analysis, Strategy, Planning and Practice. 4th Ed. London: Thomson Learning. Hugo W. Of The Circulatory System! M. J. , Badenhorst-Weiss J. A. van Rooyen D. C. 2002. Purchasing and Supply Management.

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