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Nov 18, 2017 What's an uncle tom,

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Ap Biology Lab 11: Animal Behavior Essays. Ethology is the an uncle, study of girls lloyd, animal behavior. What's Tom? There are two specific categories of Urban about College Students Essay, behavior: learned ad innate. Orientation behaviors place the animal in their specific environment. Animals move away from sensory input in taxis where as behavior is the response to an uncle, sensory input. The Women? Stimulus of light, heat, moisture, sound, or chemicals are mostly found in taxis. Kinesis is the movement that does not result in what's an uncle orientation with stimulus. When animals respond to Network Security Essays, each other by aggressive or submissive responses, they exhibit agonistic behavior.

In a complex series of an uncle, activities that allow finding, courting, and macroenvironmental mating, species exhibit mating behavior. -Taxis. What's An Uncle? Because the Leadership, response is exhibited through a stimulus, being the what's tom, moisture. 1. Develop a hypothesis concerning the pillbugs response to jews middle, the factor. -When immersed in a dry environment, the pillbugs will migrate to the wet environment. An Uncle Tom? 2. The Women Of Ancient? a. What's? State the Essay on Families and Juvenile Delinquency, objective of your experiment. -To show that the an uncle tom, pillbugs prefer a wet environment and will respond to Essay Assessment, a dry stimulus. What's An Uncle Tom? b. List the The Women Sparta Essay, materials you will use. -Petri dishes and pillbugs. c. Tom? Outline your procedure. -Using two petri dishes connected, on one make a moist environment and the other completely dry. Place two pillbugs into the dry side of the and Juvenile, petri dish and two into the wet side.

Observe for ten minutes. Notice how the an uncle, pillbugs in Essay the dry environment moved to an uncle, their favorable environment, moisture. Will males placed in a vial with only Essay about males demonstrate courtship behaviors? -Males places in a vial with only males will not demonstrate courtship. An Uncle? -Prove that males will not demonstrate courtship behaviors when placed in a vial with other males. Middle Ages? -Materials: Three vials of male flies, one vial of female flies, stereoscopic microscope. -To exemplify what courtship behaviors are, place one vial of tom, male flies into the female fly vial. Macroenvironmental Factors? Observe courtship behaviors such as wing vibrations, waving, tapping, licking, circling, and stamping. This can also 2:4:2 or 2:2:2:2 occur it means that crossing over took place. What's An Uncle? The results we got were composed of different sequences including both patterns with 4s and 2s which means that crossing over took place. Delinquency? *Because S.fimicola was not available for an uncle the lab,cards with Ap Biology Practice Questions Essay. fight antigens immediately while memory cells are long-lived in Essay about contrast and bear receptors specific to the same antigen in the plasma cells.

Animal Reproduction and Development Discuss the embryonic development of a frog egg Describe the an uncle, embryonic stages and explain what is accomplished at like us rachel, each stage. What's? The vegetal pole is the in the, lower portion and what's an uncle the animal pole is the top half of the egg. College? When the sperm penetrates the tom, egg, the pigmented cap rotates and a gray crescent appears on the opposite side Innate Behaviors in Security Essays Animals Essay. What's Tom? This is the Essay and Juvenile, Reflex behavior. The Reflex behavior refers to what's tom, the most automatic response you get when responding to Assessment, a stimulus.

The stimulus is what's an uncle, usually outrageously hot or cold making a person react quickly it. For example, in Essay on Families and Juvenile the spring or summer time the sun is tom, out warming the factors, cars. The metal on the seatbelt is heated too. What's? This has caused me to factors, move my face quickly after my face hits the what's an uncle, metal. This is factors, innate because I did not need to learn this to an uncle, know it. I had an automatic response to Delinquency, the seatbelt Conversion of a Physical Biology Lab to an Online Virtual Lab. Advantages of a Virtual Lab A virtual laboratory environment allows students to utilize current technology to facilitate the replacement of what's, traditional labs. Virtual labs contain powerful active-learning tools and girls can reduce the costs associated with physical labs.

They help schools offer expanded availability of lab time. What's An Uncle Tom? Carmichael, Chini, Gire, Rebello and Security Essays Puntambekar noted that students who used virtual laboratory tools in place of their physical lab tools scored as well as students that used Should Animals Be Used in Lab? Essay. What's An Uncle Tom? All the species of animals have their own importance in the ecosystem. Many species of animals can become extinct because of animal research. The Women Sparta? As a result, an what's tom, unholy mess in ecology would emerge, which would be a curse not any less dangerous that global warming, pollution, and overpopulation. Macroenvironmental? Human lives are worthier than animal lives because humans experience things like love, sympathy, hate, caring, justice, and pain based on what's an uncle tom relationships among them. Animals like rats, hamsters, baboons, monkeys Essay on Chapters 1-5 Notes Ap Biology. Girls Like Us Rachel Lloyd? Electron configuration - Distribution of electrons in an atom's electron shells, determines an atoms chemical behavior.

Valence electrons - Electrons in the outermost energy shell (valence shell), chemical properties of an atom depend upon an uncle tom, the number of ages, these valence electrons. An Uncle? Chemical bonds - Attractions that hold atoms together. Covalent bond - A strong chemical bond between atoms formed by Essays, sharing a pair of valence electrons, such as a molecular hydrogen (H2 ). Structural formula - Formula Gender Role Behaviors: Biology and Society Share Responsibility. believes gender identity behaviors are caused by more than just the society in an uncle which we live. She demonstrates good reason behind this belief in an anecdote about her young son, who at the age of Network Security Essays, two loved dinosaurs, but only the carnivores, not the wimpy plant-eaters: I looked down at him one day, as he was snarling around my feet and an uncle tom doing his toddler best to gnaw off my right leg, and I thought: This goes a lot deeper than culture (Blum 574). Leadership? When thinking of the what's an uncle, behaviors of Urban Legend about College Students, young children, it AP Bio Osmosis and what's tom Diffusion lab Essay. This is Legend about Students Essay, because when a potatos weight changes, it is because of the tom, difference in in the the water potential between the tom, potato and its concentrated sucrose environment. The control of on Families, this lab would be the water potential and an uncle molarity of the potatoes, while the Urban Legend Essay, independent variable would be the molarity and what's an uncle tom water potential of the sucrose in Essays the environments and the dependant variable would be the what's, change in Essay about ultimate weight of the potatoes (after being placed in what's tom the environment).

7) The higher the surface Ap Physics Lab Report- Pendulum Essay. 34 | 0.94 | 0.02240456 | 8 | 0.25 | 0.83 | 0.017467747 | 9 | 0.185 | 0.46 | 0.005365329 | 10 | 0.085 | 0.21 | 0.0011182 | ANALYSIS: By looking at girls us rachel lloyd, the graph we can tell that our data was pretty accurate based on the data we recorded. In this lab R2 = .9435 which that shows us that it was close to 9.81 m/s2 which is what we expected based on tom our hypothesis. Maybe we would have gotten a better data if the stopwatch was a electronic one because there might have been some errors while counting Essay on Ap Biologly Photosynthesis Lab Report. Of Ancient Essay? cuvettes 1,2,3,4, and 5, respectively. An Uncle? Using lens tissue, wipe the jews in the middle, outside walls of each cuvette. An Uncle Tom? Using foil paper, cover the walls and bottom of The Women of Ancient Essay, cuvette 2. Light should not be permitted inside cuvette 2 because it is a control for this experiment. 11) Refer to Table 4.3 to an uncle, prepare each cuvette.

Add 4 ml of factors, distilled water to what's an uncle tom, cuvette 1. Urban? To 2,3, and tom 4, add 3 ml of distilled water and 1 ml of DPIP. To 5, add 3 ml plus 3 drops of distilled water and 1 ml of DPIP. 12) Bring the spectrophotometer to

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What's an uncle tom

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Nov 18, 2017 What's an uncle tom,

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Simple Software for what's an uncle, Better Interview Skills. Learn how to land the job with Big Interviews powerful video tutorials and macroenvironmental virtual interview practice software. The Art of Writing a Great Resume Summary Statement. Guest contributor and what's an uncle professional resume writer Kimberly Sarmiento will help you make your resume stand out like, with a summary statement. In resume writing, you know you need more than just a list of what's an uncle, jobs and education, but how to begin? Or rather, how should your resume begin? First, nix the objective statement.

It is almost impossible to write an like lloyd objective statement without either telling the hiring manager something they already know or focusing on what you want to get from a job. Both are things you should absolutely avoid in a resume. Instead, use a summary statement or what I like to an uncle, call your written elevator speech. Why You Should Use a Resume Summary Statement. Professionals who work with career coaches and girls lloyd those who have done some solid web research have come to an uncle, understand that they need to master their Elevator Speech. This speech is a short summary of an employees value proposition and Urban about should be thought of what's an uncle tom, as a sales pitch that is ready to go anytime you run into Essay Assessment, a potential hiring manager or networking contact. A carefully prepared Elevator Speech is customized to the person giving the speech and what's contains information that makes the professional stand out while still focusing on things the employer wants to know (excels in cutting costs, not excellent deep sea diver). The same holds true for your Written Elevator Speech or resume summary statement. This speech is given at the top of your resume in the prime resume real estate where a recruiter or hiring manager always looks first. The summary statement serves as an introduction to the reader that seeks to answer the question Tell me about yourself in just a few lines of text.

The resume summary statement will help your resume stand out by: a. Catching the readers attention immediately. b. Ensuring a clear understanding of your top selling points at a glance (important when hiring managers are skimming through dozens of Network Security Essays, resumes at tom, a time and attention spans are short) c. Putting emphasis on your career highlights and key strengths in an easy-to-scan format. d. Essay Leadership? Briefly communicating your professional objective if relevant (if the objective is not obvious) Every resume can benefit from a summary statement. An Uncle Tom? For some candidates, it can be critical. 1. Career Changers A summary statement can help a hiring manager quickly see your transferable skills.

Without a summary statement, a recruiter might look at your most recent experience, assume youre not a fit because your experience isnt traditional, and toss your resume. 2. Essay? Recent College Grads A summary statement can help you customize your resume for what's an uncle tom, different opportunities. This is Essay, especially helpful if your background is somewhat general. You can use the summary to highlight skills and what's experience most relevant for each position. 3. Experienced Professionals with Diverse Backgrounds For experienced professionals, a summary statement can become the executive summary of your resume, tailored for each position. This allows you to pull the most relevant and like us rachel impressive skills and what's an uncle career accomplishments and feature them at the top of like lloyd, your resume. Elements of a Strong Resume Summary Statement. The Basics Your summary statement should consist of a title and what's tom a few lines of text. The text can be in paragraph form and/or use bullets.

The summary statement should appear directly below your contact information at the top of the resume. and should reflect a general (or specific) idea of your career goals. Your Title When working with my clients on their resumes, I typically recommend starting with a title that communicates their professional identity. Macroenvironmental Factors? Think of tom, it as a headline that will catch the Essay on Families and Juvenile readers eye and help them see your fit for the position at hand. Examples include Social Media Brand Strategist, Senior Marketing Executive, Multifaceted Art Director, and Global Operations Professional. See Resume Summary Statement examples below for additional titles that may spark ideas for you.

The Format The main body of your summary statement should be approximately 3-4 lines of text and should NOT be written with first-person pronouns. If you are tempted to make your summary statement longer to squeeze in more details, resist the temptation. Industry research tells us that most hiring managers spend only seconds reviewing a resume before they make up their minds to call a candidate or not. We also know that when they see large chunks of text, their eyes will skip over tom it. Therefore, it is Urban Legend about College Students Essay, vital to limit the what's length of Toward Childhood The Catcher in the Rye, a summary statement to ensure it gets read. Resume Summary Statement Examples.

Below are several examples of written elevator speeches or summary/branding statements with titles. A versatile and creative writer fuses a background in what's, journalism and Leadership academics with expertise in business writing to deliver quality, customized material spanning news, marketing, web content, curriculum, and career development. Provides sales support and what's an uncle tom highly-rated client service and excels in Essay, meeting deadlines in quick-turnaround settings. FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SUPPORT PROFESSIONAL. Blends academic training in economics and business administration with hands-on experience in sales and operations support to offer employers a track record of delivering on what's an uncle, tasks accurately, efficiently, and quickly. Attitudes Childhood And Adulthood In Salinger's,? Known for providing best-in-class customer service and communications in a variety of tom, business settings. A proven leader of US and international sales organizations offers expertise in about, developing successful growth strategies and training both individual representative and team leaders in product benefits and customer service techniques. An Uncle Tom? Also known for creating dynamic marketing/brand strategies that engage consumers and take away business from the competition.

Effectively manages PL on multimillion-dollar, multi-product lines of business. How to Write Your Resume Summary Statement. Since you have limited space, its important to carefully plan what goes into your summary statement. Your statement must be concise AND represent the strongest elements of you as a professional. Here are three steps to writing a strong summary statement for your resume: Step 1: First, think of three or four things that define you as a professional. This can be a strong sales record, excellent customer service, expertise in drawing engineering plans, or an Essay and Juvenile Delinquency ability to manage large-scale technical projects.

These professional traits will vary according to profession and skill level. Managers and executives should focus on business skills as well as technical expertise even if they fall into a technical industry. Entry-level and recent graduates can include academic training and experience to support professional abilities. Step 2: Next, think of the an uncle tom things you enjoy the most in Security, your work. An Uncle Tom? When you write your summary statement, you arent just telling the employer what you are good at, you are also telling them what you want to Attitudes Toward and Adulthood Rye, do day in and day out. Ergo, no matter how well you do something dont talk about it if you dont want to do it. My wisest clients have pointed it out to me when I have focused too much on something they dont particularly enjoy and we rework their summaries accordingly.

Step 3: Align your summary statement with the companys job requirements. An Uncle Tom? Once you identify the skills you want to focus on, do a little research and Holden's Toward in Salinger's, see if they line up with job requirements listed for the positions you are seeking. If you are a project manager, you probably want to establish early that you are skilled at managing resources and ensuring assignments get completed on-time/on-budget. Tom? This might not be the Network Security Essays thing you want to focus on the most, but it is essential to work in. More Tips on tom, Resume Summary Statements. 1. Factors? Customize for Your Experience Level. Each of the tom above example statements effectively sets up the skill sets, achievements, and even certifications/degrees that the applicants highlight throughout their resumes. When writing your statement, it is important to consider where you are in your professional progression. While a job description might want an MBA, PMP, or other certifications, whether or not you mention such things in your opening statement will depend greatly on how much experience you have to back your application. When the job seeker is young and needs to rely on academic experience to strengthen their qualifications, it is best to call that out from the start.

Consider the example below: Blends lab management experience with academic training at the University of Florida to Essay on Families and Juvenile Delinquency, offer solid skills in clinical experiments and what's an uncle research activities. Incorporates a background in office administration to provide employers with proven organization, communications, and scheduling expertise. In this instance, the us rachel lloyd job seeker focused on an uncle, things learned through education and transferable skills that could be applicable from part-time work experience. On the other hand, when the job applicant has strong experience, there is no need to rely on the academic training any longer and it doesnt need to be mentioned. 2. Focus on your most important selling points. Some requirements can be covered in the body of the resume and just arent important enough to girls like, place in that opening paragraph. One example I see a lot is proficiency in MS Office. Even if you are a technical professional, software and hardware skills need their own section on the resume and an uncle tom dont belong in the opening statement. The summary statement is for the strengths and accomplishments that truly make you stand out as a candidate. Macroenvironmental Factors? Consider the following examples of resume summaries for technology professionals:

A proven leader of IT startups and established operations offers expertise in defining technical strategies that support overall business objectives. Supports efforts to develop and market technical solutions to both internal and what's external clients. Oversees team development and vendor selection/maintenance for multimillion-dollar operations. COMPUTER/HARDWARE SPECIALIST /TEAM SUPERVISOR. Leverages technical expertise on hardware setup/configuration to provide exceptional user support and resolve critical operational issues. Holden's Childhood And Adulthood The Catcher Rye? Experience includes managing security and after-hour support for classified materials and communications.

Known for creating and implementing training that expands team member capabilities and instructs users on system utilization/improvement. Works with government, civilian, and corporate stakeholders. Of course there are other things you might want to call to the readers attention early, including language proficiencies, award-winning performance, or being named on what's tom, one or more US patents. While these qualifications can be contained in the body of a resume (and should still be placed there) , it could be relevant to highlight them early to Essay about Leadership, establish your unique value as an employee. Please note again that none of these opening paragraphs are written with first person pronouns. While you do write the paragraph in present tense, you write it as if you are the understood subject of the resume. This allows the focus to an uncle, remain on Urban Legend about College Essay, the employer.

Use of an uncle tom, I, me, my places the focus on the applicant and the goal of the resume is to sell the Legend about employer on what you can do for THEM. By telling the reader what you do and an uncle what you are known for, you get the Assessment reader thinking about how you can do those things for them. This message should be reinforced throughout the resume as you use achievements and certifications to reinforce your opening paragraph and what's tom highlight examples of when you have done the things that summary statement promotes. Remember, aside from Urban Legend about Essay, a cover letter, the summary statement is the very first thing the hiring manager reads about you. It is your handshake long before you meet the interviewer. It is an uncle, your first impression long before you get a chance to pick out your best outfit. Essay About Assessment? It requires more than I am seeking a job as. It is your first chance to answer the question Tell me about Yourself and you want to make the most of it. HUMOR: Also, if youre struggling for ideas, why not let Barney Stinson inspire you with some creative ways to highlight your awesomeness. Pamela Skillings is what's, co-founder of Big Interview. Legend About College Essay? As an what's interview coach, she has helped her clients land dream jobs at companies including Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan Chase.

She also has more than 15 years of experience training and advising managers at Holden's Toward Childhood and Adulthood The Catcher, organizations from American Express to the City of New York. An Uncle Tom? She is an adjunct professor at New York University and an instructor at the American Management Association. 20 Comment to The Art of Writing a Great Resume Summary Statement. Nice one Pamela. Essay About Leadership Assessment? One more thing I would like to add here is one should never try to add any fake information in their resume which can put them in trouble. @terrylewis thats great. Maybe you can share it here once youre done.

@Arman thats correct. Faking info will very likely come back to bite you. So resist the what's tom temptation to be too creative. What an exceptional post Pamela. I have seen many articles on resume tips but nothing like this one. Just want to macroenvironmental, add more tip here that job seekers should never try to add any fake information in their resumes just to impress the recruiter. This is the part that is tom, very difficult for Essay, me, i work in the service area, i work for a very prestigious hotel brand and what's i dont know how to convert what i do into a summary. I want to advance in my career, i want to move in int administrative part of the hotel, not front office. No Im not a front desk agent nor a concierge. I am having so much trouble coming with the perfect resume so i can apply to better jobs.!

Heres a way to macroenvironmental, possibly get unstuck and draft your summary statement: 1) Brainstorm a bit about the most important qualities required for an uncle, the job(s) that you want. If theres a job description, scan it for Essay about Leadership, keywords. 2) Think about your 3 most valuable transferable skills/strengths/areas of expertise and how they relate. 3) Draft a sentence about each of those three selling points.

4) Combine/arrange/edit them into an uncle tom, a summary statement using the examples in the post for inspiration. Depending on your level of experience, your statement may be a few simple sentences or a brief bulleted list. Please feel free to post a draft of your summary statement here and I would be happy to give some feedback. Keep track of the interviews. Holden's And Adulthood The Catcher Rye? Maintain a record of the .information about the interview so that you can refer to what's tom, it in Essay and Juvenile, future. Many times you would have more than one interview with an an uncle tom organisation and it would help if you have jotted down somewhere what happened in the previous interviews. Girls Like Lloyd? As the human memory fades with time it is preferable that you record the information within 24 hours of the interview. While maintaining the summary of interviews include the following information: Name and position of interviewer(s) After the Interview. It is what's an uncle tom, not over Urban Legend College Essay until you finally get the job. So dont just sit back and relax.

Now is the time to do the follow up procedures to finally get selected and gain the job of an uncle tom, your dreams. Holden's Attitudes Toward And Adulthood In Salinger's, In The? Get Selected at what's, Job Interviews. Job profile/description: duties, responsibilities, powers, salary, other benefits etc. Category: positive, negative, average. Date of Network Security Essays, contact with the organisation. Specific points discussed: stressed on some qualifications, achievements more than others. Pamela you are geniusJust read your blog.It is simply amazing. Already started working on creating my own personal branding statement. It would be great if you can suggest what should be the caption or heading for personal branding statement. For instance, the categories/headings which appear in a Resume/CV are Core Competencies, Professional Experience, Academics, Personal Information etc. Is it a good idea to write heading Senior Banking Professional followed by branding statement under this heading.

Since, I am a banker with 8 years of experience in executing cross- functional assignments in Retail ( Marketing Campaigns for Retail banking ), Corporate Banking (Commercial Credit to SMEs ) and Strategy (Launch of Wealth Management Business) with MBA as background. Keeping my fingers crossed to discover a nice branding statement for me THANKS A LOT. Outstanding post Pamela! I am a young creative professional and find it very difficult to put my skills and experience into a summary when its such a broad field. What's? After reading your article I now have a better understanding of what companies look for in a resume. About Assessment? Thank you! Outstanding post Pamela and very helpful but I am some time confused that What type of CV format should I opt for HR post please help as I am working as an HR? What type of frequent question can be asked during an interview? How can we describe a healthy interview? How can I create my own profession brand as an what's HR?

It seems like the examples used are trying to show some corporate bean counter that you know a lot of factors, big words. Is this really what sells? I dont want to an uncle, jump through a bunch of hoops to dazzle some corporate sell out. What ever happend to keeping it simple? Great article. Security? Im running into trouble highlighting my transferable skills that I got from tom, being a corporate lawyer because I now want to Urban Legend about Students, work on research teams for news shows, or in production. Its difficult trying to connect the what's tom two. Can you write an example here. Good article, exposed some weaknesses in my resume, Im make the changes today! Thanks. Helpful article, though I find myself wondering at the images you chose for the sections.

They are all part of a larger work by Pablo Picasso, titled Guernica, which was his attempt at a propaganda piece criticizing war. The painting depicts innocent people being firebombed by German and Italian warplanes. Clearly shown are tormented soldiers, a dead child in the arms of a ravaged woman, and citizens and livestock burning alive. Perhaps this is a strange choice of artwork to use for this article. Awesome. About Leadership? shares some other resume design skill in AmoLink resume.

Hope its useful to all of us. I found it odd also. This is why doing arts papers while studying for your business degree is so important. An Uncle Tom? Something incredibly ironic about someone who is an expert in selling yourself plastering her blog post with images from a painting as brutally about suffering as this. I guess whoever pieced this page together thought oh, its art, so it must be sophisticated. And they say Im irrational for thinking business people arent necessarily very bright. Thank you for the inspiring article!

I have been struggling to us rachel, find a job that fits my professional profile and an uncle tom when I finally find it, I get no attention at all! Now, I migh have identified some of my common mistakes. Anyhow, I have a big problem. On Families? I am a BA in International Relations and I have no idea how to name my professional title. Any ideas? I rarely get sidetracked by an uncle tom advertisements or odd artwork in blog posts, mainly because Im inundated with it. Security Essays? But my concentration was quickly. diverted to the slightly barbaric images as soon as I could make out what's an uncle tom, an. Pamela Skillings is co-founder of Essay and Juvenile, Big Interview.

As one of the country's top interview coaches, she has helped her clients land dream jobs at companies including Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and tom JP Morgan Chase. She also has more than 15 years of experience training and Urban Legend about Essay advising managers at organizations from American Express to the City of New York. She is an adjunct professor at New York University and an instructor at the American Management Association. Continue reading. Copyright 2017 Big Interview Job Interview Training - All Rights Reserved.

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Nov 18, 2017 What's an uncle tom,

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Resume Format Guide - Reverse-Chronological, Functional, Combination Styles. By Resume Genius. Making a perfect resume needs more than just error-free spelling and grammar. A resume must be framed and formatted to what's an uncle tom present you in Essay the best way possible, a process that requires combining creativity, composition, and tom, marketing. Therefore, weve written this resume format guide to be a comprehensive resource to those looking to format their own resumes. Macroenvironmental Factors? We provide writing tips, expert advice, and sample images covering every resume format for an uncle your convenience.

Looking for more resume samples? Click the link below. How to Choose the Best Resume Format. Use the chart below to and Juvenile get a quick idea of which resume format will be best for presenting your unique job experience. As you may have seen above, job seekers have three options when it comes to formatting their resume: Chronological, Functional, and Combination . Each resume format has their own set of advantages and what's an uncle tom, disadvantages for different kinds of job seekers, so be sure to Holden's Attitudes Toward Childhood and Adulthood in Salinger's, The Catcher in the Rye choose wisely. An Uncle Tom? Check out the in-depth writing guides below to us rachel get every bit of information needed to create the best resume for you: To get inspiration and an uncle, an idea of what your resume can look like, weve created three huge libraries of resume format examples . The links below are separated by resume style and include industry-specific samples. Visit each library and macroenvironmental factors, find your industry. As the name suggests, a reverse chronological resume presents your work experience information from newest (most relevant) to oldest (least relevant). This means the resume will begin with your most recent job, and end with your oldest experience.

This structure allows you to present yourself in terms of tom, your promotions and upward career mobility , and is therefore particularly useful for girls like us rachel lloyd entry to mid level applicants looking to boost their careers. I should use a reverse chronological resume format if I want to demonstrate a vertical career progression. An Uncle Tom? I want to apply to Essays a job in a similar field. I dont have large work experience gaps. I shouldnt use a reverse chronological style if I have multiple gaps in my employment history. I am considering working in a new industry I frequently change jobs. To learn more about what should be in what's included in Childhood in the a reverse-chronological resume, click here. The functional resume format frames the what's tom candidate in terms of the skills and like lloyd, abilities he/she believes are most relevant to the job opening . Unlike the reverse chronological resume, the functional resume ignores when and where the candidate learned or performed those skills . The candidate and simply lists them at an uncle tom, the top of the resume in order of most relevant to least relevant skills. Macroenvironmental? Even the least relevant skill should still be relevant to the job you are applying for. Least relevant here really means the least relevant of your most relevant skills.

Warning: Many human resources professionals have negative impressions of functional resumes precisely because they do not reveal chronological information, making it seem like the candidate is hiding something. By using the functional format, job candidates can achieve three big goals: provide evidence that they are strong candidates for the job, and hide work experience gaps (if they havent been working for periods of time.) help hiring managers quickly locate specific skills that are required for what's tom a particular position, which is beneficial. I should use a functional resume format if I have unusually large gaps in my employment history. I am in the midst of a big career change into a new industry. I want to promote a specific skill set.

I shouldnt use a functional style if: I want to highlight my upward career mobility. I am a student or entry-level candidate that lacks experience. I lack relevant or transferable skills. To learn more about what should be in included in Essay on Families and Juvenile a functional resume, click here. A combination resume is literally a combination of the reverse-chronological and functional resume formats. Combination resumes will often begin with a professional profile or summary of qualifications that includes skills, abilities, and achievements relevant to the job opening. (This is the functional part.) This introductory section is then followed by your reverse-chronological professional experience, education, and additional sections. (This is the reverse-chronological part.)

I should use a combination resume format if I want to showcase a relevant and well-developed skill set. I want to transfer to a different industry. I am a master at what I do. I shouldnt use a combination resume format if I am a student or entry level candidate. I want to emphasize my educational experience. What's? I lack relevant qualifications and skills. To learn more about what should be in included in Urban Legend about College Essay a combination resume format, click here. If you have any specific questions not answered in this guide please feel free to post them in the comments at the bottom of the page and one of our Senior Resume Experts will be glad to answer them for you!

PS. Need that job? Be sure to download our Resume Checklist to ensure that youve written a complete, professional resume. Click Here to Download. Our Resume Checklist. If I apply a admin. job but I only what's an uncle tom have relevant experience several years ago, and now in school learning social service. Girls Us Rachel Lloyd? How can I make my resume? Emphasize old skills and transferable skills from social service in a combination or functional resume.

Good luck on an uncle tom the job hunt! Yes, if you have several impressive awards/honors then they can definitely be place above your professional experience. Good luck on the job hunt! We suggest using a combination format. Like Us Rachel? Best of an uncle, luck on Essay Leadership the job hunt! We suggest that you stick with the traditional reverse-chronological format. Good luck! I did a career shift recently to teaching after having a graduate degree and 10 years experience in planning and what's an uncle, development. I have recently completed a graduate degree in Essay about Leadership education and have 2 years of tom, teaching experience in a preschool setting and macroenvironmental factors, trying to now make the shift to elementary age.

Do you think I should use a combination resume? A combination resume should work for your situation. An Uncle Tom? Check out our combination format writing guide for more info: For a chronological resume, if I completed an internship with a past employer while simultaneously being employed by Essay about them does the what's tom internship go above or below the factors primary employment experience? (E.g., I worked at HSBV from what's an uncle tom 8/2013 12/2015, with my internship also at HSBV from 1/2015 5/2015, so right in the middle of my employment with them. Should the about Assessment internship be listed before, or after?) You should list you internship after your employment. Good luck! I have what I perceive to be a unique situation (I understand everyone thinks they are different). I am an army veteran of nearly 7 years and now I am studying to get my BS is what's an uncle Homeland Security. I joined the army at 19 in 2006 and got out in 2013. Leadership? From 2013 until January of this year, I have been trying to make my own way as an entrepreneur.

I was largely unsuccessful and in order to stay on top of my bills I ended up taking odd jobs during the day while working as a bouncer at various bars and clubs at night. I am currently looking for an internship as part of my degree program so i need to create a resume. I thought a functional resume would be ideal so as to blur the past 3 years. However, I understand from this article that students should use a chronological resume. I need to know how firm that rule is.

Also, if anyone has any specific guidance for my resume I am very willing to accept advice. Thanks. In your situation, we would suggest using a functional format. This will allow you to focus on your skills that are relevant to what's the internship you are applying for. Essay About Assessment? Good luck on the job hunt and thank you for your service! Okay so I am a third year college student looking for a part-time job that fits my class schedule and isnt in the fast-food industry to help me pay rent next year.

I have never had to tom write a resume for any of my other jobs so Im at factors, a loss as to what to do. I am applying as an an uncle tom entry-level applicant but I also didnt work during my freshman year and Urban Students, about half of tom, my sophomore year. Therefore Im not really sure how to Essays approach this and I really need this job. Please help! Thanks! Good luck on the job hunt!

Consider adding a Publications section to include your research and writing experience. Good luck on tom the job hunt. Several positions require a chronological resume be included. I am over 40, most recent position was over 5 yrs ago as a Seasonal Tax Professional with HR Block. Recently received my AA degree. Factors? I do not include employment start end dates on my resume for many reasons but I am not trying to look like someone who can not or will not follow directions either. Please share your thoughts. Hi I used to be a pediatric nurse for two years till moved to this country on 2012 and have been working at Walmart since then, recently got my RN license and want to start working as a nursewhat type would you recommend me? In your case, we suggest using a functional resume. Best of tom, luck on the job hunt! Hi, I am presently working as Project Manager in construction company and before this I worked as Operations Manager in a different company.

Now I want to apply for us rachel a job (Title : Plant Manager). I am confused which format I should choose to post for this job opportunity. Please recommend. We suggest sticking with the an uncle tom traditional reverse-chronological format. Best of luck! Detailing all 18 years of your experience might be overdoing it. Holden's Toward Childhood In Salinger's, The Catcher Rye? With three pages, there is likely some redundant information that you could cut. However, if you truly feel that all of your content is relevant and what's an uncle tom, of interest to the employer, then stick with what you have. Best of Security Essays, luck on the job hunt! I am now trying to rejoin the an uncle full-time workforce after almost a 17 year absence. Essay On Families And Juvenile? Prior to marriage mother hood I was a very successful Director of Public relations for a well known beauty company in an uncle tom NYC (1990-1996).

After that I joined a small firm on Long Island as their first ever Director of PR and advertising (1997-1999). Then babies came. 6 years later I joined a local firm as their Director of Operations (office manager) from girls like 2006-2009. Then my family and I moved to Switzerland and just returned after 7 years. I was a teacher of an uncle tom, English as a Second Language. I am looking for Holden's Attitudes Toward and Adulthood The Catcher in the Rye work in almost any capacity: From Communications manager to administrative assistant. I am struggling with how to present my resume. An Uncle Tom? Ive been letting my cover letters explain the history and Urban Essay, why I would be a good fit for an uncle any given position, but Im sure my resume is holding me back. Network? Any ideas.

Thanks in advance! If youre looking to get back into communications or office management, then it might be better to use a functional format. This will allow you to emphasize your skills instead of the dates of your work experience. As far as explaining work gaps in what's tom your cover letter, check out this how-to guide: While I was in girls us rachel lloyd high school I did my internship at for State Farm. What's An Uncle? After I graduated I was offered a job there and stayed there for and Juvenile Delinquency 2 years. An Uncle Tom? I have recently worked at girls like us rachel lloyd, the National Instituted of what's, Health for a year.

I currently want to go back to finding an office job or something related and need help deciding what type of resume I should use? Based on the info youve given us, a Chronological format would still be appropriate. Best of luck! If the the position you are applying for Security Essays is also an administrative job, then stick with the traditional Reverse-Chronological resume format. Good luck on the job hunt! Glad you liked it! Hi there! This is great. I was just wondering, if Ive been at an uncle tom, the same position for 3 years (2014-present) but did a second job for 6 months in 2015 that I would like to list, would I put that first (since technically 2015 is more recent than 2014)?

Or would I list that after my current position, since Im still presently in about this role? Thanks! List your current position first. Best of tom, luck! A combination or functional resume would be suitable. Best of macroenvironmental factors, luck!

It sounds like a functional format would be a good choice. What's? Good luck on the job hunt! Hi there Elizabeth, You have a bit of Toward Childhood and Adulthood The Catcher, flexibility with the resume format, but when in what's an uncle tom doubt go with reverse-chronological. Because youre lacking in transferable skills, Id recommend working on your resume objective to get your application started on the right foot.

Also consider the soft skills youve built during your time working in Network Security Essays a call center. Many of these could potentially be transferable. Good luck with your job application! Yes, a combination resume is perfectly suited to an uncle tom someone of your experience, even with the on Families Delinquency career change. Good luck making the shift back into your previous field! If you are aiming for a new industry, you cant go wrong with the what's tom classic reverse-chronological resume format. Good luck landing your fellowship! Share Resume Format Guide Reverse-Chronological, Functional, #038; Combination Styles

Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in todays competitive job market. We provide HR-approved resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to Security choose from, and tom, easy export to MS Word and PDF. Get awesome job opportunities sent directly to your inbox. By clicking Send Me Job Alerts, I agree to Network the Resume Genius Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Play the One-Minute Game Thatll Show You How to Improve Your Resume.

Think you can judge the what's an uncle tom quality of a resume within 6 seconds? The answer may surprise you. Put your skills to the test, and learn how to make your resume 6 second worthy! 3 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Hire Tom Brady. Tom Bradys resume is a couple yards short of a touchdown. There are tons of errors throughout. See why.

How to Modify and Maximize your Resume Template. Need a resume template? Feel free to download one, but be sure to make small modifications to unlock your. Would You Rather Work for a Man or a Woman? Do people still care whether they work for a man or woman, or do most people simply look for Holden's Attitudes Toward and Adulthood in Salinger's, The Catcher a nice job. 5 Ridiculous Excuses To Calling Out Of Work That Were Surprisingly Successful.

Every office is bound to have that one person that abuses the call-out policy. These people go above and. Resume Genius' builder, resources, advice and career tips are regularly featured on some of the what's tom world's leading online and offline publications including: Our code geeks and Urban Essay, HR experts are proud to what's an uncle introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in today's competitive job market. HR-proven resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easily export to MS Word and PDF.

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979 words essay planets and what's, solar system. 979 words essay planets and solar system. 979 words essay planets and solar system. A planet is like, a celestial body that revolves around a central star and does not shine by an uncle, its own light. Like Us Rachel. The only planetary system that is known to man is our solar system. It is tom, made up of nine planets. The nine major planets in our solar system are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. About. There are also many other minor planets, which are also in our solar system, but they are unimportant compared to the nine major planets. Mercury, which is the planet that is closest to the sun, is the first and smallest of the an uncle tom inner planets. It is speculated that the girls lloyd heat from the sun made it impossible for what's tom, the gases present to become part of the planetary formation. The surface of Mercury is Urban about Students Essay, extremely hot.

It is approximately 470 degrees Celsius on the surface and is thought to be even hotter at the two hot spots. These hot spots are on opposite ends of the equator. It is the heat of the surface that makes it impossible for Mercury to have any type of atmosphere. Mercury orbits the sun once every 88 days and has a true rotation period of 58.6 days. Image Source: Venus is the second closest planet to the sun and is said to be the most closely resembles to Earth in size, density, and distance from the sun.

Most scientists know Venus as the sister planet to the Earth. It is called this because it closely resembles the Earth#8217;s mass, density and diameter. The only thing different is that Venus is shrouded in thick clouds that completely hide the surface of the planet. The surface temperature is also much warmer than that of what's an uncle tom, Earth. Venus completes one revolution around the sun in 224.7 days. This makes the Venusian day equal to 117 earth days. It is thought that this slow rotation may be the reason why Venus has no magnetic field. The atmosphere of Venus is made up of 98% carbon dioxide and 2% Nitrogen. This atmosphere also has the presence of helium, neon and argon.

Mars is the fourth furthest away from the Urban about College Students sun and is recognized by its reddish colour. Mars is also very much like the Earth. More than any other planet in the solar system, Mars has characteristics that make it an Earthlike world. One thing that is very similar to Earth is the rotation period. Mars rotation period is only thirty-seven minutes longer than the Earth#8217;s. This would explain why Mars has significant seasonal changes just as Earth does.

Mars is an uncle tom, extremely hard to understand due to the effect of blurring that is caused by the two atmospheres of Mars. It is Holden's Attitudes Toward, also known that dust storms are prevalent and leaves the surface of Mars covered by a red haze. Jupiter is the fifth planet and is the most massive of all the what's tom planets in this solar system. Essays. Its mass represents more than two-thirds of the total mass of an uncle tom, all the planets, or 318 times the mass of the Earth. Jupiter#8217;s density is quite low at 1.3 g/ cubic cm. The atmosphere of Jupiter contains water, ammonia, methane and carbon. It is thought by scientists that there are three cloud layers. The wind activity on Jupiter is quite fierce and like us rachel, moves in jet streams parallel to the equator. The weather on Jupiter is still very hard for scientists to understand. There is not enough information to truly understand how the weather is on this planet.

Jupiter is surrounded by rings of light which is very prominently visible to earth. The ring particles must generally be about as big as the an uncle tom wavelength of light, that is, only a few microns. That is why these rings are faint or diffuse. The rings are what Jupiter is known for. Saturn is a planet which is also known for its rings and when viewed has a yellow or greyish color. The color is from the gaseous atmosphere and Essay Leadership Assessment, the dust particles in tom, that atmosphere. The atmosphere is mostly a clear hydrogen- helium atmosphere. There are also traces of methane, phosphine, ethane, and acetylene. This atmosphere is Network Security Essays, much different than that of the Earth#8217;s. Saturn orbits the sun with a period of 29.4577 tropical years. It is an uncle tom, 1.427 billion Km away from the sun and is therefore a cold planet.

It has an equatorial diameter of 120,660 Km, which makes it the second largest planet in our solar system. Essay On Families And Juvenile Delinquency. The next planet is Uranus. The main problem scientists have with Uranus is an uncle tom, that, die lack of visible surface features means that it is difficult to measure the rotation period of Uranus (Hunt/Moore, 388, 1983). Security. Uranus has an equatorial diameter of 51,000 Km, which is almost four times as much as Earth. The atmosphere is made up of mostly methane gas and therefore the planet has a red tint or a bluefish green color. Uranus also has rings but unlike Saturn these rings have almost no small particles. What's An Uncle Tom. Neptune is the last of the gaseous planets in our solar system.

Its atmosphere is much like Uranus#8217;s because it is Security Essays, mostly helium and hydrogen. It also contains methane. Neptune has a diameter of 49,500 km and a mass 17.22 times that of the Earth. It has an average density of 1.67 /cm 3 . Neptune also has rings like its other gaseous partners, but they are very faint. Not a great deal is known about Neptune. The final planet, which is tom, also the Network Security smallest and the furthest away from the sun is Pluto. This planet is very hard to see therefore not a lot is known about its physical characteristics. Scientists do know that it has a thin methane atmosphere. Little is known about this planet because it is what's an uncle tom, so far away from die Earth and the sun.

Scientists are always learning new things and more data will arise in the future. Essays. Welcome to! Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay. This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. Before publishing your Essay on this site, please read the following pages:

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Commitment To Nursing Essays and Research Papers. glance of reading the what's an uncle tom ANA code of ethics it seemed way beyond my scope of practice. I took a lot of girls, time to read since it was kind of repetitive in a . sense. Im a new graduate to what's tom, nursing field and without experience I dont have ample nursing philosophy yet. I have worked as a hospice nurse now for 3 weeks, and have a nursing perspective of 3 weeks. Its hard to imagine the code of ethics being realistic, 100% of the time. As nurses we are humans and not robots.

The ANA Code of macroenvironmental, Ethics for Nurses. Ethics , Florence Nightingale , Health care 1313 Words | 4 Pages. Nursing Theory and an uncle tom, Caring Nursing Theory and Caring Caring is a simple yet strong and powerful word, an abstract concept . About College Students Essay! commonly found in nursing theory. Caring implies responsibilities, connections, and trust. Nurses take on the role with pride and honor. Nurses are caregivers. Many nursing theorists looked and still do look at caring as a core concept for nursing practice.

Three main theorists come to mind, Jean Watson, Patricia Benner, and Kristen Swanson, when thinking about nursing and. Concept , Florence Nightingale , Health 1644 Words | 8 Pages. remember I was a sick child and, I figured that I wanted to be a nurse someone who was always helping people and that at a point of time in what's, my life they . helped me. Leadership Assessment! Nursing is a health care profession that involves taking care of what's an uncle tom, another person in which a person needs the formal education and training in the art of science of nursing . Nurses help individuals, families, and groups to achieve health and Holden's Attitudes Toward and Adulthood, prevent diseases, and they care for the sick and injured using procedures based on knowledge, skill. Academic degree , Bachelor of Science in Nursing , Bachelor's degree 2327 Words | 6 Pages. peripheral cannulation for an uncle tom, TPN. About College! I told them they should be open and honest, act with integrity and uphold the reputation of their profession. They must . inform someone in authority if they experience problems that prevent them working within their code of nursing or others nationally agreed standards.

I checked their IV monitoring chart and there was no continuous documentation on the condition of tom, patients hand. I believe thrombophlebitis wont occur immediately. Urban About College Essay! Firstly there will be sign and symptom. Florence Nightingale , Intravenous therapy , Nurse 2007 Words | 6 Pages. of the information and knowledge gained, by suggesting how these skills will be applied to the student nurses future practice. Disease management improves . the quality of a patients lifestyle and activities of daily living, through education and nursing intervention on their condition, empowering them to take a more significant role in their own care.

It considers all additional factors to the actual medicinal treatment for the disease, providing a holistic approach. It is what's tom therefore imperative that. Epidemiology , Health , Health care 986 Words | 3 Pages. Pursuing A Nursing Career Pursuing A Nursing Career Nursing Industry: A world of Opportunity . Nursing Industry: A world of Opportunity ? Flexible schedule convenient shifts to fit your schedule ? Challenge - everyday a new challenge; no boredom. Legend About Essay! . ? Accomplishment Become an outstanding person ? Pride - Helping people on a day to day basis ? Wisdom/Knowledge Become familiar with the human anatomy and the medical world. ? Flexible schedule convenient shifts. Associate's degree , Bachelor of Science in Nursing , College 802 Words | 4 Pages. REPORT: associates degree in nursing date: 12/4/2012 Descriptive Abstract This investigative report will go into detail about associates . degree in nursing . Nursing is the largest health care profession in what's an uncle tom, the U.S. Over 2.5 million strong, nurses make up the largest workforce within the clinical healthcare industry. Nursing careers offer a wide variety of roles and a broad scope of responsibility. Urban Legend About Students Essay! This report will also show graphs and steps to get into what's tom a nursing program as well as job titles. Academic degree , Associate's degree , Bachelor of Security Essays, Science 927 Words | 4 Pages.

nation has been the focus of the National Academies, Institute of Medicine (IOM). It turns out to be that clear from their research that . nursing plays an important role in the conveying health care. Robert Woods Johnson Foundation (RWJF) was appointed by IOM the an uncle tom Committee through the interdisciplinary practiced that depend upon the initiative on the Upcoming of Nursing . The aim was to create an achievement in Essay on Families and Juvenile Delinquency, favor of plan for anything that would let nurses to principal alteration in the direction to. Health , Health care , Health economics 1333 Words | 4 Pages. Japan Journal of Nursing Science (2008) 5, 71 doi:10.1111/j.1742-7924.2008.00111.x EDITORIAL Nursing theory . remembering our future Modern nursing theory began with Virginia Henderson in the 1960s.

In her grand theory of nursing , she de?ned nursing as assisting individuals to gain independence in an uncle, the performance of activities contributing to health or its recovery (Henderson, 1966, p. 15). Since the 1970s, the literature on factors nursing theory has focused upon two levels of nursing theories: the. Health economics , Healthcare , Medicine 666 Words | 3 Pages. Abstract Nursing is one of the an uncle tom oldest careers in history. It has grown tremendously since the beginning of the profession and strives forward . in hopes to attain more advancement in Holden's Toward Childhood and Adulthood in Salinger's,, the medical field. An Uncle Tom! Along the Urban Legend about years, there have been several controversies regarding nursing as a profession. Tom! In this paper we will discuss what nursing professionalism is and why we as nurses need to remain a professional icon in the occupation. This paper will also summarize two nursing articles regarding nursing professionalism.

Diploma in girls us rachel lloyd, Nursing , Florence Nightingale , Nurse 1326 Words | 4 Pages. ? Nursing Education and what's an uncle tom, the Issue of Change Kiara Eppinga Briar Cliff Nursing Student . Nursing Education and the Issue of Change During the past 100 years the way in which healthcare is being practiced has changed considerably, and so has the need for furthering and and Adulthood in Salinger's, The Catcher Rye, strengthening nursing education. There are several factors that have contributed to the changes, such as an aging population, an an uncle tom, increasing awareness of economics, new and more sophisticated. Academic degree , Bachelor of Science in Nursing , Licensed practical nurse 1624 Words | 4 Pages. The field of nursing is girls us rachel very broad. What's! With a degree in nursing , someone could enjoy a range of about Leadership, experiences. With a degree in . nursing from NCCU State University, there are a number of career paths I could follow such as, becoming a Registered Nurse Case Manager, Nurse Practitioner, or Patient Advocate. Within this research paper, I will explore the nursing job field and also give statistics on the nursing field.

Nursing is a profession filled with limitless personal and professional rewards. When. Health care provider , Healthcare occupations , Hospital 1447 Words | 4 Pages. component of the what's an uncle metaparadigm of Toward in the, nursing must be considered. This metaparadigm was first developed by Florence Nightingale and is still a valid . and important tool nurses use every day. An Uncle Tom! Its four components are person, environment, health and nursing each works to help the other for a better understanding and application of proper care (Fawcett, 1994). The first paradigm refers not only to a person, but also to the families or social groups who are involved in the nursing treatment. A nurses care must. Florence Nightingale , Health , Healthcare occupations 1486 Words | 6 Pages. NURSING Nursing is Holden's Toward and Adulthood in the Rye a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so . they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of an uncle, life. Nurses may be differentiated from Network Essays other health care providers by their approach to patient care, training, and scope of practice.

Nurses practice in a wide diversity of practice areas with a different scope of practice and level of prescriber authority in an uncle tom, each. Many nurses provide care within the. Christianity , Florence Nightingale , Health 793 Words | 3 Pages. What is nursing ? What exactly does it mean to Holden's Attitudes Childhood The Catcher Rye, nurse a patient, and how has this definition changed over the past centuries? What does the tom . discipline of nursing consist of? In this essay, I aim to attempt to answer these questions, along with the help of Security Essays, a myriad of nursing researchers whose studies have helped to broaden my perspective on what's what exactly it is that I now do for factors, a living.

I will be discussing the tom different types of nursing knowledge that assists us as nurses to care for patients and. Florence Nightingale , Health care , Health care provider 1724 Words | 5 Pages. Nursing Essay: Sample Reflecting on ones Communication Skills Introduction Nursing students can enhance their learning . through reflection that is, reflecting on a situation that involves nursing care (Parker 2006, p.115). In line with this thought, I shall reflect on an experience and discuss the communication skills I used or should have used during the patient encounter. Girls Like! I will use the three what model based on the work of Borton (1970) and Boud (1985) to help structure my reflection. What's An Uncle! Before. Communication , Health care , Health care provider 2075 Words | 7 Pages. |Jean Watson's Philosophy of Nursing | |This page was last updated on January 26, 2012 . | |[pic] | |Introduction | |Theorist - Jean Watson was born in West Virginia, US | |Educated: BSN, University of Colorado, 1964. Health , Maslow's hierarchy of needs , Nurse 1681 Words | 7 Pages. 0916-484-5004 DEGREE: Bachelor of Science in Nursing Las Pinas College College of girls us rachel lloyd, Nursing March 29, 2001 Passed the . What's! Integrated Comprehensive Licensure Exam June 10, 2001 Passed the about Leadership Midwifery Board Exam November 10, 2009 WORK EXPERIENCE: Las Pinas City Medical Center Las Pinas City, Philippines Staff Nurse (OB GYNE, MEDICAL AND SURGICAL WARD) August 22, 2001 December 21, 2004 Clinical Instructor supervising: Nursing Midwifery Caregiving students in what's an uncle, OB GYNE and Pediatric. Chavacano language , Medicine , Nursing 445 Words | 4 Pages.

?Description It is my first day of work after graduating from girls like us rachel lloyd nursing school. I am currently in a remote island of Maldives. It is a small . An Uncle Tom! hospital consisting of 50 beds and almost 20 staffs working in 3 shifts. I came for morning duty and the nursing in-charge shown me maternal and surgical ward as my first work place. After taking handing over from the Network Security Essays night shift staff I made everything ready for the ward round as the doctors will be here in no time. Just before the doctors arrival we got a patient. Existential quantification , Hospital , Management 819 Words | 2 Pages. nurse. My terrifying event is one of the influences that made me decide on declaring nursing as a major. I want to become a nurse because there . will always be people who are going to get sick and need someone there to help ease their pain.

Because of the what's nurses who helped me through my struggle have made such a huge impact on how I saw their profession. Nurses are meant to be there for you. Over the years Nursing has been dominated mostly by females. There are still men in girls like us rachel, this profession but are. Bachelor of Science in Nursing , Female , Gender 962 Words | 3 Pages. goal. An Uncle Tom! I graduated from Highline Community College last year with honor degree. Even though I already obtained my AA degree in Pre- Nursing , . gaining my knowledge in Essay and Juvenile, the medical field is not enough for an uncle, me. I want to gain more clinical patient experience and help people with all my heart.

In order to strengthen my clinical experience, I also took the CNA class at us rachel, Blossom Nursing Assistant Training School while studying at HCC and an uncle, received the CNA license. Currently, Im working at Stafford Suites Senior. Care of residents , Health care , Healthcare 1647 Words | 9 Pages. patients danger of getting harmed and the patients wellbeing (Henneman, Gawlinski Guliano 2012). This essay contains a rationale, a case scenario of a . patient who shows respiratory deterioration and the appropriate nursing actions to be undertaken in such a case. Nurses role Nursing assessments and interventions which reduce unpleasant patient outcomes are vital. There are various reasons for worse patient outcomes like improper diagnosis, lack of girls lloyd, administering the right medication and poor control. Blood , Nurse , Nursing 2090 Words | 6 Pages.

excellent nursing care (Srivastava, 2007). However, health care providers roles and responsibilities in meeting health care needs of the . What's! clients in consideration to cultural perspective and diversity are getting more challenging and complicated due to increased number of people from a group of Attitudes and Adulthood in Salinger's, The Catcher, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society, which, in turn requires health care providers to acknowledge and what's an uncle tom, understand variations of cultural healthcare beliefs, values and practices. Transcultural nursing is essential. Competence , Culture , Four stages of competence 2676 Words | 7 Pages. Nursing I was in Urban about Students, a hospital for my co-op placement, I chose this because I was considering nursing as my chosen career path. . For this reason, I have researched the nursing career. An Uncle! I have spent many hours in Toward Childhood and Adulthood in Salinger's, The Catcher in the Rye, this setting and feel that I have a pretty good understanding as to what goes on day to day. An Uncle! Before choosing to become a nurse, one must first examine themselves and look to see if they have the right qualities for macroenvironmental, this demanding job. Some qualities are such; caring, compassion, a strong. Florence Nightingale , Health care , Hospital 1209 Words | 3 Pages.

1 3 5 Unit 1 Skin Disorders Skin Disorders Skin lesions 2 4 6 Objectives At the end of the an uncle session students will be able to: . Explain the disease process and Essays, nursing care of following conditions seen in children: Ringworm infections Candidiasis Candidiasis Pediculosis Scabies Herpes Simplex Ringworm infections Ringworm infections Ringworm infections Ringworm infections Tinea or ringworm infection is a fungal infection caused by dermatophytes (class of fungus) . Candida albicans , Fungal diseases , Hygiene 897 Words | 7 Pages. mobility r/t muscle weakness and disease process self care deficit: dressing and grooming r/t cognitive impairment chronic confusion r/t impaired . decision making ineffective coping r/t impaired information processing noncompliance with nursing staff r/t behavior problem due to mental decline impaired verbal communication r/t aphasia-speech deficit risk for falls r/t muscle weakness risk for impaired skin integrity r/t bedridden/chairbound - History of Trauma - Time, cause. Brain tumor , Cerebrospinal fluid , Coma 453 Words | 3 Pages. ?4 October 2013 There are all types of nursing careers. You can be a registered nurse, nurse practitioner a certified nurse anesthetist to . name a few. I have done research looking into what type of nurse I want to become. When looking into different careers, you will find out what type of what's, patients you would be working with and what your salary would be. It will also tell you the type of macroenvironmental factors, skills and what's an uncle tom, education that you need. Macroenvironmental Factors! Nursing has been around for thousands of years, things have changed over time. Academic degree , Associate's degree , Bachelor of an uncle, Science in Nursing 869 Words | 3 Pages. Definition of Nursing Nursing has been variously defined throughout the ages and it has meant different things to different . people thought the ages.

Nursing like any other discipline, borders on gut feeling and intuition; the nursing profession was not clearly defined during its genesis. About Essay! As we see today, nurses complement the an uncle role of the physician in the execution of their medical duties. The nurses therefore follow through in treating a pathological problem. Therefore, early physicians must have. Higher education , Knowledge , Nurse 1442 Words | 5 Pages. The University of the West Indies Faculty of Medical Sciences The UWI School of Nursing , Mona Year II Semester II BScN Catheterizing the . Urban Students! Female Urinary Bladder Overview: Urinary Catheterization is the tom introduction of a catheter through the urethra into the bladder for the purpose of withdrawing urine. Purpose of the Urinary Catheterization is to 1. Prevent or relieve bladder distension 2. Promote urinary elimination 3. On Families And Juvenile Delinquency! Obtain a sterile specimen of Urine 4. Obtain. Kidney , Urethra , Urinary bladder 1224 Words | 7 Pages. of the given professions. With the schooling part, in order to get your license in these professions, you have to receive your associates from an accredited . school and then take and an uncle tom, pass a national exam in which is Holden's Attitudes Toward and Adulthood The Catcher governed by national agencies of nursing and emergency medical services.

Only then can you start having contact with patients. Paramedics and nurses also differ in many ways also. An Uncle Tom! The way they go about furnishing patient care is one of the main differences. Urban! As stated before, both careers. Doctor-patient relationship , Emergency medical services , Health care 1239 Words | 4 Pages.

her obligations of employment. Working extra shifts, teaching, and membership in NAPNES are personal values, not accountability. 4. The LPN reminds a . What's An Uncle Tom! group of students that the values they demonstrate in Security Essays, their practice have their roots in: 1. nursing school education. An Uncle Tom! 2. family influence. On Families And Juvenile Delinquency! 3. peer relationships. 4. agency policies. ANS: 2 The family shapes values that are demonstrated in later life. These values may be enhanced or challenged by life experiences, but the base is forged in. Clinical trial , Good Samaritan law , Informed consent 1124 Words | 6 Pages. Nursing and Technology In his textbook, Medical Sociology, 12th edition, Dr. William Cockerham (2007), a medical sociologist at the . University of Alabama, Birmingham, describes nurses as being ultimately responsible for the nature and quality of all nursing care patients receive during their stay in a medical setting.

According to Cockerham (2007), they also are responsible for following the instructions of physicians in an uncle tom, order to ensure the best plan of action is implemented to better serve the. Health care , Health care provider , Medical history 1108 Words | 3 Pages. nursing shortage and nursing turnover. Nursing Shortage and Nursing Turnover Nursing shortage is a phenomenon that is affecting nurses and the provision . of Urban Students Essay, adequate patient care in todays health care industry. Nursing shortage is what's tom said to like, occur when the demand for employment of nurses is far greater than the number of an uncle, nurses willing to be employed at that time (Huber, 2010).

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (A.A.C.N.), the nursing shortage is expected to increase as baby boomers age, and the need for like us rachel, health. Florence Nightingale , Health care , Health care provider 1122 Words | 4 Pages. ? The Education of Nursing Grand Canyon University: NRS-430V Healthcare is an ever evolving . machine, zealously seeking to cure those sickness and what's an uncle, diseases that plague the human race. It is a machine with many essential parts that, without them, could not adequately function to fulfill its ultimate purpose. The field of nursing is Network Essays one of those essential parts, and while its identity and importance in the healthcare field are ever becoming singularly more. Academic degree , Bachelor of an uncle tom, Science in Nursing , Bachelor's degree 921 Words | 3 Pages. Students in Network Security, their first semester of year one, attached to the ward for 3 weeks. An Uncle Tom! The skill that will be taught to them will be blood . pressure monitoring using a stethoscope and like us rachel lloyd, sphygmomanometer. Cork A (2007) suggest that nursing students should be using manual BP monitoring I l practice instead of depending on automated monitors Learning takes place in surgical ward and tom, hospitals stimulation lab. The first debriefing session was conducted in Toward, stimulation lab. The.

Blood pressure , Education , Hospital 716 Words | 3 Pages. Professionalism What is professionalism? The nursing profession began with a genuine desire to serve and an uncle tom, care for others, combined with . Urban College Students Essay! compassion, commitment and professionalism. What's An Uncle Tom! Professionalism, as defined by Websters Dictionary, is the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person. Professionalism is the competence or skill expected of a professional. A professional is a person who engages in a specific occupation or activity.

A professional. Florence Nightingale , Management , Nurse 2238 Words | 6 Pages. Definition of Nursing Leslie Burgess Submitted to on Families and Juvenile Delinquency, Sarah P. Combs PhD, MPH, RN in partial fulfillment of NR444 Professional Role Development . Regis University February 1, 2012 Nurses have been described as lacking professional commitment and motivation, low in risk taking and change-making, having a blue-collar mentality, being cautious and what's an uncle, conservative, and suffering from about College Students lack of cohesiveness and collegiality (as cited in Chandler, 1986, p.1). With this definition of what a nurse has. Bachelor of Science in Nursing , Nurse , Nursing 1609 Words | 5 Pages. Nursing as a Profession The Purpose of this paper is to discuss whether nursing is a profession based on Pavalkos . eight dimensions describing a profession. Firstly, we must understand the definition of a profession before one can accurately judge the an uncle validation of the nursing profession. According to Webster dictionary, the College Students definition of a profession is a calling requiring specialized knowledge and what's tom, often long academic preparation (Webster dictionary, 2008). The nursing profession.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing , Diploma in like us rachel lloyd, Nursing , Health care 2108 Words | 7 Pages. Abstract: This paper explores the what's personal nursing philosophy I plan to convey in Essay Assessment, my nursing career. I believe the nature of . nursing is rooted in an uncle tom, commitment to girls like us rachel lloyd, public service and the undeniable desire to help those in need. Nursing is more than treating an what's, illness; rather it is focused on delivering quality patient care that is about Leadership Assessment individualized to the needs of each patient. My philosophy of nursing incorporates the an uncle knowledge of medicine while combining it with relational, compassionate caring that. Health , Health care , Health care provider 1980 Words | 6 Pages.

Nursing Ethics Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses (2008 Centennial Edition) Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses The Canadian Nurses . Associations Code of factors, Ethics for Registered Nurses is a statement of the ethical values of nurses and of nurses commitments to persons with health-care needs and what's tom, persons receiving care. Childhood The Catcher! It is intended for nurses in all contexts and domains of nursing practice and at tom, all levels of decision-making. It is developed by nurses for nurses and can assist nurses in. Business ethics , Ethics , Health 641 Words | 3 Pages. always be the right choices. Students need to learn how to make their own choices. 3. Write 2 paragraphs, on how your choice now can affect the rest of . About College Students! your life. 4. Sign the disclosure statement for following the rules. (Shows a decision and commitment to be responsible.) 5. Decisions and You worksheet. 6. Interview your parents. Tom! What decisions did they have to Essay and Juvenile Delinquency, make when they were your age? What were the consequences of those decisions.

What would they change or keep the same? Have the. Decision making , Goal 1761 Words | 6 Pages. RUNNING HEAD: DEFOFNURSING Definition of Nursing Mary Hays 2-8-2009 . Tom! Definition of Nursing Ones personal beliefs regarding the Nursing Profession will be examined in this Definition of macroenvironmental factors, Nursing paper. The major elements of nursing in our society today will be defined. What's An Uncle! Personal and professional values will be defined in part through the use of examples from about personal clinical practice. A statement of how. Health , Health care , Health care provider 1473 Words | 5 Pages.

positive attitude of employees towards a new and improved system. Tom! An involved team in the creation of a new process creates an enhanced and professional . atmosphere for both employees and Essay Leadership Assessment, clients; improves quality care and generates dedication and commitment to a new and improved process. The creator of the what's new process also has the opportunity to allow team members to clarify any misconceptions, suggestions and evaluate any other ideas which may be used during the new system creation. Attitudes Toward And Adulthood In Salinger's, The Catcher! That is, possible. Flowchart , ISO 9000 , Management 2136 Words | 7 Pages. Sulotte Valcin Amilcar RN-BC, MSNed My Nursing Philosophy When I was growing up in Haiti, I have always had the desire to tom, help, care, . and advocate for others, but I never quite had the opportunity to Urban about College Essay, do that until I moved to the United States and I become a nurse. My intuition to what's an uncle tom, become a nurse began in Urban College Students Essay, 1992 when my daughter who was born with sickle cell anemia became very ill to the point that she was put on what's an uncle tom a voluntary comma for about a month. I remember renting the little mermaid movie.

Florence Nightingale , Healthcare occupations , Nurse 1023 Words | 3 Pages. Nursing Code of Ethics Lisa Lang West Texas AM University NURS 4345 Professional Nursing Leadership/Management . Essay Delinquency! Nursing Code of Ethics The focus of this paper is to discuss the Nursing Code of an uncle, Ethics. The purpose of this paper is to review the macroenvironmental purpose, background, and the importance of the Nursing Code of what's, Ethics and evaluate how the Nursing Code of Ethics improves individual nursing practice. Us Rachel! Tabers Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary defines the what's an uncle Nursing Code of Ethics as, A statement. Blood , Blood transfusion , Business ethics 1188 Words | 4 Pages. Peritoneal cavity at Dorland's Medical Dictionary Adzick, Scott; Thom, Spong, Brock, Burrows, et. al (17). A Randomized Trial of Prenatal versus Postnatal . Repair of Myelomeningocele. Security! The New England Journal of Medicine 364 (11): 993-1004. The Nursing Profession: Therapeutic /therapeutic-positions.html . Abdomen , Fowler's position , Friedrich Trendelenburg 1930 Words | 4 Pages. ? Is Nursing a Profession?

What is a profession? According to one definition a profession is an occupation that is based on a complex set . of skills and knowledge that is what's an uncle used in the service of others. This definition also says that the members of this occupation abide by a code of ethics and commit themselves to competence, integrity, morality and many other qualities that promote public good (Cruess, Johnston, Cruess, 2004, p. Macroenvironmental Factors! 74). According to this very definition, nursing is a professional. Academic degree , American Nurses Association , Ethics 1397 Words | 6 Pages. 2011 Intro to Nursing History of the Nursing Nursing has played a big role in an uncle, our past, present and will be in . the future. Do we even know what nursing really is? Many people have interpreted it as white uniforms, nursing cap, needles and Network Essays, bedpans (Pg. 32).

A nurse is an uncle tom defined as someone that tends to the patient needs but also shows commitment , caring, and dedication. During the early Christian era men and woman spread the philosophy of Christianity while providing nursing care to the ill. American Red Cross , Clara Barton , Crimean War 816 Words | 3 Pages. 2010 IOM report on the future of nursing 1. Running Head: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF NURSING PROFESSIONALS Professional . development of nursing professionals: 2010 IOM report on on Families Delinquency the future of nursing Awudu Braimah. Health , Health care , Health care provider 1378 Words | 4 Pages. Lenininger and Watson in Nursing SUNY Empire State College July 14, 2013 As the healthcare system undergoes major transformations and the . role of the professional nurse is expanding, having a definition of the goals and responsibilities of an uncle tom, a nurse relative to other professionals within the healthcare community is vital. Nursing theories establish the Attitudes and Adulthood in Salinger's, scope and the significance of a nurses role as a healthcare provider. They provide a universal description of tom, nursing that can be applied to nurses. Culture , Health , Health care 909 Words | 5 Pages.

Values and Philosophy of Nursing A nurse has to be able to integrate multiple aspects of care in order to build a healthy atmosphere fit for . their patients. In order to do this, a nurse must have a strong understanding of their personal philosophy of nursing will all metaparadigm components of person, environment, health and nursing . Without one of these, I believe a nurse will not be able to give their very best to their patient. According to EdD Anne Bishop (1997), nursing is at all times an artful. Florence Nightingale , Health , Illness 900 Words | 3 Pages. Philosophy of on Families and Juvenile Delinquency, Nursing : The Art and Science of Caring Stephanie Gray Jacksonville University Philosophy of an uncle tom, Nursing : The Art . and Science of Holden's Attitudes Toward in Salinger's, The Catcher in the Rye, Caring According to Chitty (2004), Philosophies of nursing are statements of beliefs about nursing and expressions of values in nursing that are used as bases for what's an uncle, thinking and factors, activity (p. 230). Developing a personal philosophy of tom, nursing must integrate the elements of macroenvironmental factors, nursing , the individual, the environment, health, and illness. Throughout this paper.

Florence Nightingale , Health , Health care 1267 Words | 4 Pages. The Nursing Role Going the Distance in Nursing Education In the dynamic world of increasing health care technology, . specialized care units, and higher acuity patients, the nursing profession must upgrade its currently accepted Associates entry level degree to what's an uncle, a higher beginning educational level in order to Network Essays, meet the needs and an uncle tom, demands of and Juvenile Delinquency, todays sicker clients. Although the National League for Nursing (NLN) has stated Associate degree nursing programs account for the majority of new graduate. Academic degree , Associate's degree , Bachelor of Science in Nursing 755 Words | 3 Pages. the professional of nursing has various levels of entry. Several nursing professional organizations are trying to advance the . What's Tom! level of entry of nursing through baccalaureate level. A baccalaureate education has a strong influence in the nursing profession.

It provides nurses with critical thinking skills and professional advancement. Numerous states have proposed legislation to consent accomplishment of baccalaureate education with the nursing profession. What does nursing professionalism mean. Academic degree , Associate's degree , Bachelor of lloyd, Science in Nursing 1610 Words | 5 Pages. Nursing leadership is essential in the clinical settings. What's An Uncle! It plays a big role in the development of the like nurses as an individual and as a . profession.

With nursing leadership, management skills are beneficial; nurse leaders are accountable in empowering, influencing, motivating and advocating for the nursing staff and patients. What's! There is a common denomination between the nursing staff providing nursing care in patient satisfaction as an effect on clinical outcome with the nursing leadership. Essay Leadership Assessment! In this. Florence Nightingale , Leadership , Management 1817 Words | 5 Pages. Roseman University College of Nursing Block 1.0 Introduction to Professional Nursing THE PROFESSIONALIZATION OF . NURSING Review the Critical Thinking Challenge. An Uncle Tom! Professions usually evolve from Security occupations that originally consisted of tasks but developed more specialized educational pathways and publicly legitimized status. Occupation: What occupies, or engages ones time; business; employment. Vocation: An activity that serves as one's regular source of livelihood. Profession: A calling.

Education , Knowledge , Nurse 2045 Words | 7 Pages. ? Philosophy of Nursing paper February, 10, 2014 As a nurse in a long term acute care hospital (LTAC). A . person to me is an individual, families, and communities in an uncle tom, all ages and macroenvironmental, backgrounds that are in need of nursing care. A person is a sick patient in the hospital in need of nursing care to promote healing and tom, maintain health. On Families And Juvenile! The patients are surrounded by their environment, internal and what's, external. Internal environment is Essays their biophysiological self and their. Health , Health care , Health care provider 1285 Words | 4 Pages. Nursing stabilizes its own unique body of knowledge and an uncle tom, forms its own leadership organizational structure. One of the key aims of . nursing leadership is to create empowerment amongst nurses.

From the transition of non-modern to contemporary nursing , the new context of nursing leadership and Toward Childhood, management has emerged. Tom! However, an important question rises on how significant, relevant and macroenvironmental, efficient leadership is on both patient and nursing staff outcomes. Nowadays, staff nurses face a wide variety of. Florence Nightingale , Health care , Health care provider 1646 Words | 5 Pages. personal philosophy of nursing . I will discuss how my philosophy relates to the nursing profession, healthcare and five central . An Uncle Tom! concepts basic to good nursing care. As a nurse it is important to define personal philosophies, I believe they are the Holden's Attitudes Toward Childhood in the driving force of patient care and an uncle tom, how we perceive the healthcare environment that we work in every day. It is what makes us who we are and determines how we care for our patients. This is extremely important to me because I practice nursing with the understanding.

Ethics , Health , Health care 1173 Words | 3 Pages. nature of nursing means that nursing ethics tends to examine the Legend about Students ethics of caring . An Uncle Tom! rather than 'curing' by exploring the relationship between the nurse and the person in care.[1]Early work to define ethics in nursing focused more on the virtues that would make a good nurse, rather than looking at factors, what conduct is necessary to respect the what's person in the nurse's care. However, recently, the Network Security Essays ethics of nursing has also shifted more towards the nurse's obligation. Applied ethics , Bioethics , Business ethics 1126 Words | 3 Pages.

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How to write Software Tester resume in 2017. Are you confident that you can write a QA resume that will result in getting called for an interview session? Recruiters are getting swamped on a daily basis with several hundreds of product testing resumes; therefore, you need. to able to write an eye-catching resume that will stop your prospective employer in his tracks and what's, make them take a. second look at macroenvironmental your resume and then reach for the phone.

So keep on what's an uncle tom reading this article and it helps you to walk through writing an like us rachel lloyd eye-catching QA resume process! There is a good news structure can be arbitrary. But you should approximately follow next points: Personal info Objective Summary Skills Employment history Education Additional information. Personal info should be located at the top of your resume and include next information: Pay attention to your email address. What's? It cant be something like that: I have seen once email address familiar to It also looks weird. Toward Childhood And Adulthood In Salinger's, The Catcher In The Rye? The best way is to use your First/Last name in your address.

For instance, It would be great if you include links to social media (LinkedIn, GitHub) into what's an uncle, your Personal Info. Software testing resume objective is typically at the top of your resume and on Families, this is just one sentence of tom what position you are seeking because hiring managers might have several position so you need to Essay on Families and Juvenile tell them specifically who you are. Objective: To obtain a QA engineer position. Looking for interesting project where I can elaborate my professional skills, study new technologies. Objective: To get an what's an uncle tom interesting, well-paid job in on Families Delinquency, IT area with opportunities for professional growth. Search for QA engineer, technical writer positions. Good summary is several sentences which described your key experience #038; skills.

Other words, it is a briefly definition of your resume. Use it like the opportunity to tom catch hiring managers eye. You shouldnt copy your Skills section to the Summary section. Especially, with bullets. You should describe your strongest side of technical background and and Juvenile Delinquency, it should look like sentences but try to avoid using the I word in them. 10+ years of experience as a software test engineer and lead test engineer in testing client/server applications. Proficient in most test automation tools (Win Runner, QTP, Silk Test etc), automation methodologies and in writing automated scripts.

Advanced level skills in test management tools like Quality Center (including administration) Experienced in creating master test plans and detailed test cases based of off functional requirements and specifications. Experienced in analysis of an uncle tom use cases, complex system requirements and business requirements to ensure testability of the product. I have over 2 year experience in Software Testing (Web and College Essay, Embedded); I understand product development lifecycles (Waterfall, V-model, Agile/Scrum); ? Wide range of test methodologies, types and approaches knowledge and usage: ? Static and what's tom, dynamic; ? Black-box, white-box, grey box testing; ? Ad-hoc, smoke, sanity, regression, functional; ? Performance testing using JMeter tool; ? Security, GUI, usability, reliability, installation, configuration etc; Experience in financial application (web/mobile/desktop) and gambling/casino related applications (web/mobile/desktop) Working experience in all QA activities during full software life cycle Efficient communication in the international distributed teams Analytical and logical reasoning capability. In this section you should describe your technical skills. Dont forget about formatting (it must be list) and avoid next mistakes: HTML is not a programming language. mySQL is actually too. Split your skills by group or your proficiency. For instance: Software testing, Languages, RDBMS, WEB, OS, Other Writing skills what you know not pretty well. I have read about it once on Wikipedia is not a reason to include it in your resume. Remember, you should verify your skill on the interview. OS: MacOS, Windows, Linux Software testing: functional/ regression/ exploratory/ UI testing; testing of mobile and on Families and Juvenile Delinquency, desktop applications; design/ redesign and tom, execution of Essay about Assessment manual test cases; bug reporting and verifying; work with documents and technical specification; Tools: Jira, Firebug, SoapUI, BareTail, SIP IP Phones; Web: HTML, CSS, XML, REST, SOAP.

DB: Mysql Other: SVN, Git. It would be good way if you put points in front of your skills which defined your level of what's an uncle proficiency. It helps hiring managers to understand how good you in skill which they were interested in. Toward And Adulthood In Salinger's, The Catcher? In this case you also can use infographics: Main: Knowledge of tom testing methodologies and software development; Ability to prepare test documentation (test plan, test specifications, test report); Finished courses on software testing in large companies; Will be a plus: Knowledge of the principles of Essay on Families and Juvenile client-server applications, Web; Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA, JS; Basic skills in working with GIT, Jenkins, SVN and bug-tracking systems; Knowledge JSON/XML Understanding the database, knowledge of SQL Learn to use Selenium; Experience with Linux systems. The terminal, bash, etc. Bonus: ISTQB entry-level certificate. Set of experienced testers skills: Analyze test results Ability to code automated tests Create test plans Experience with agile development process Experience with web based testing applications Perform manual and automated testing Record test progress and tom, results Research and analyze product features being tested Research new tools, technologies, and testing processes Capable of using source code repositories Communicate with technical and non-technical Resources Identify areas of improvement Identify, isolate and Urban about Students Essay, track bugs throughout testing Identify potential problems users may encounter Perform and document risk analysis Perform manual and automated testing Record test progress and results. It is a custom to an uncle tom write about Essay about Leadership, experience in what's an uncle tom, reverse order.

In this part of Network a resume follow next structure: You shouldnt detailed describe your irrelevant jobs. And If you have one try to define previous job responsibilities more matching to position which you are applying for. Or describe your irrelevant position in several sentences to show hiring manager that you dont have gaps and do focus on an uncle tom courses which youve taken etc. Describe what problems you solved in your projects, how you impacted and improved testing process (all others processes).

Sep 2005/Current -Lead Test Engineer Centric Consulting. Client : Nationwide Insurance. Role: Lead Test Engineer 09/05 Present. Project: Nationwide : Office of Investments. Nationwide Office of Urban about College Students Investment is building investments data infrastructure foundation with integrated hub. Develop test strategies, master test plans and what's an uncle tom, test cases. About Students Essay? Main contact between the development team and test team. What's? Communicate the test team expectations and strategies to macroenvironmental rest of the what's team and project manager. Write extensive SQL queries and execute test cases. And Juvenile Delinquency? Gather and what's an uncle tom, maintain/load test data to execute test cases.

Coordinate the testing activities: prioritizing, scheduling, assigning work. Web: HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript DB: Oracle, MySQL, Postgre, Cassandra, Mongo Task tracking: Jira, Redmine, Pivotal Test management: TestRail, Zephyr Test automation: Robot framework(Python), jMeter, Selenium IDE, Protractor, Cucumber Integration: Jenkins, Bamboo, Karaf, Docker. Junior Manual Test Engineer. Project: websites.(Jan 2015 Aug 2015) 12.2010 03.2012 LLC Poultry Bashtansky

Purchasing Manager. -control quality materials procurement Wrote reports about purchased products -planning and control costs for the purchase -responsibility for Essays, the quality of the finished feed (purchase of all components + standard test). Main department of what's an uncle statistics. Leading Specialist. and Security, the accept audit on an uncle tom the investments in the logic and about Leadership, completeness -Search and what's an uncle, error correction, after making statements to the database Summarizing on Leadership the basis of the data and what's, reporting to management. What should include in girls like us rachel lloyd, the Education section of a software tester resume? First, list your highest level of education and name. If youve earned a bachelors degree or higher, do not include your high school information. What's An Uncle? Include your GPA only if it is higher than 3.0 and its been less than three years since you graduated. If you recently graduated and Network Security Essays, dont have any experience you can mention appropriate academic honors or extracurricular leadership roles to your future job. Mention relevant modules/subjects you studied.

For software testing positions candidates having computer networking and system administration skills are preferred. If you studied any subject or completed any course related to an uncle computer networking and system administration or Linux/Unix operating system knowledge, then add it in your resume. Girls Lloyd? You can add courses which you taken or books which you read (some source most important for what's, software testing. You shouldnt list all courses) 2007 Master of Legend Science in Information Technology. Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA.

Courses in Project Management: Project management essentials and Project management #038; team leadership. Formal training in what's an uncle tom, test tools: SilkTest, TestDirector, WinRunner. Testing Methodologies. Use Case methodology Object Oriented programming in Urban College Students Essay, C++ and Object Oriented analysis. There is the section for next data: Languages Marital status Interesting hobbies Any information is an uncle, important to learn by an employer in the context of a particular job.

How to write a freshers resume? Software tester resume sample for freshers. There are general rules which shouldnt avoid: structure, formatting, design, appropriative of the technical skills to girls like us rachel lloyd the position, conciseness, readability. The key idea of writing freshers software tester resume is focusing on your technical skills and what's, relevant courses, open-source projects, any volunteer work. You must show hiring manager despite of Assessment lack of work experience you were ready on tom free work to get some relevant experience. How freshers looking for software testing job can get relevant experience? Get some experience by working on about College Students dummy projects that available on internet. Search for what's, online dummy projects (e.g. Inventory management software) and download test software and all available documents.

Follow complete testing process like: Requirements analysis Writing test cases Executing test cases Preparing test reports By adding dummy projects learned from software testing courses: If you have joined any software testing course to learn manual testing and automation tools then you can put this dummy project experience in your resume. How to like us rachel lloyd write a software test lead resume? follow this link. Highly skilled Agile QA Tester has excellent technical ability and a sound understanding of an uncle tom software debugging and factors, testing. Has extensive knowledge of multiple computer programming languages and what's, is very detail-oriented and focused. Has excellent communication skills a Bachelors Degree in about, Computer Programming and over six years working as an what's Agile QA Tester. Set of highlights for Network, Agile QA Tester Resume. Excellent collaboration with all stakeholders in development projects Strong testing and debugging abilities Good time-management and organizational skills Able to work well with minimal supervision while also functioning as a vital team member Highly responsive to client needs and changing software requirements Works well with developers, programmers, computer engineers, project managers and clients Excellent functional and analytical technical abilities Highly detail-focused. Agile QA Tester 6/1/2012 9/1/2014. Business Applications Technology Solutions LLCNew Cityland, CA.

Collaborated with all stakeholders in what's, every project. Completed quality assurance testing of developed applications and identified code areas that needed improvements. Streamlined projects to make them meet changing needs. Essay On Families Delinquency? Was highly responsive to team and clients. Agile QA Tester 6/1/2008 5/1/2012. Corporate Insurance Technologies Inc.New Cityland, CA. Collaborated with all stakeholders in what's an uncle tom, the quality assurance and factors, development process. Tested and debugged code sections and adapted to meet the an uncle tom needs of clients. Met with teams weekly in meetings for factors, planning purposes. Met all deadlines for projects. follow this link.

Healthcare QA Tester Resume Samples. follow this link. 20 Tips about writing the what's an uncle tom best quality assurance resume. Ensure your resume stands out from others in the crowd: formatting, appropriative skills, readable structure, stunning cover letter. Ensure your key information on Network Security Essays the first half-page of your resume because the first page of your resume is crucial Make sure you read the contents of the job opening thoroughly. What's An Uncle? Next, you might need to Toward Childhood in Salinger's, The Catcher in the Rye rephrase your resume (for instance, add some skills) to become more appropriate to the position.

You make sure your skills maximally matches to the job. What's? pay attention to the needs of your employer. Write a clear objective at the top of your QA resume. Dont write irrelevant cliches, but keep the objectives as short as possible; one or two lines being the best. Let your on-the-job accomplishments also be on the first page. Give some real-life examples to showcase your problem-solving capabilities. Urban About College Students? Do not write about the what's tom non-relevant job, responsibilities a lot of. Save your doc with an appropriate name.

Typically, Name_Role/tile_years of experience.doc- (Name-QA_Analyst-8 Years.doc) is recommended. Keep resume short no more than 2 pages unless you are applying for team lead or managerial positions. Check for spelling, grammar mistakes. Highlight relevant skills Do not put fake experience or skills remember, you must verify them. Focus on Holden's Attitudes Toward and Adulthood in Salinger's, The Catcher Rye employers needs and prepare your resume with relevant skills.

Avoid table structure. It is old-school. Do not write CV or Resume word at the top of your resume. It is obvious. Do not use I while describing your responsibilities: instead of tom I wrote test cases use Wrote test cases or test cases writing) Dont download your resume from LinkedIn. It looks unprofessionally. You can stick this template. But it also isnt perfect. software testing resume format should be DOC or PDF.

Pat attention to situation when hiring manager doesnt have Microsoft Office or situation when your resume formatting can be broken after opening it with MS Word. So I recommend to use PDF format. In this case you can save your right resume formatting.